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How do you get charged with 2 3rd offense DUI's? What exactly does reinstating original bond mean and how do I get him released?
I have a friend that was arrested on 04/19/2016. He has 2 charges that are exactly the same, each with a $20,000 bond. In June 2014, he was arrested and convicted of 2 DUI offenses. On 02/28/2015, he was charged with 3rd offense DUI. I can't find anything showing him being arrested on that charge. On 09/26/2015, he was arrested and charged with 3rd offense DUI. On 01/07/2016, court documents reflect him being in DWI Court. On 04/19/2016, court documents reflect that "the Court vacates the judicial release, reinstates the defendant's original bond and orders the defendant taken into custody."
This is not something an online attorney can help you with. You need to hire an attorney.
How do I clear up a DUI warrant in another state?
In 2010, I was arrested for a first time DUI in Louisiana. I am a Texas resident and at the time was living close to the border, so I was able to go to Louisiana to attend to pre-trial diversion requirements. Before the program was completed, I became homeless and had no choice but to move further west in Texas to live with my mother, and the case has now turned into a warrant. Cut to present day, I have cleaned up my life, have a fantastic professional career, and my new job will require international travel. My first trip is in about 4-5 months. I can now afford a good attorney. I have contacted the dept of state and I can obtain my passport, but I am concerned about returning to the US and being arrested. Granted, I'll be returning in Texas and not LA, it's certainly possible that I will be arrested upon return at the airport when they scan my passport. What can I do in the mean time from Texas to clear this up? Can I pay fines from Texas to drop the warrant and possibly the charges? Can anyone recommend a good attorney in Lake Charles?
We are not allowed to recommend other attorneys in this forum. You will need to get an attorney there, just to find out...
What happene's with a 2nd dwi
I went to a bar and when I pulled out I got pulled over. For turning at a red light. And got a dwi. I am 23. And I got a dwi when I was 19 so this is my 2nd dwi
A second offense is a misdemeanor that carries a mandatory 48 hours in jail and can carry up to six months in jail—2nd...
What is statual of limitations on dwi arrest
[email protected] Isaiah Thomas. I had two dwi arrest on I blew a .082 and the other I blew a .025 and on the secound on the piss tested me. So I want to know whats the statual of limitions on dwi arrest
Two years for a misdemeanor offense DWI...four years for a felony DWI. Third DWI within a 10 years period will be...
How do I file a motion for extension of probation, I was charged with DUI and I was but on probation, I lost my place to live
to make a long story short I lost my job which had company housing, no place to stay or money I was unable to pay fines and fees. Along with keep a phone, I did leave messages for my PO to call me and never heard from her, I believe if I could explain my situation. You see the court has filed a motion to revoke my probation, however no other criminal charges/activity to violate current Probation, Just need some time.
Why would you want to extend your probation? You need to recall any warrant. Hire an attorney. You're very confused.
How do I get off a falsifacation charge
I was under the influence of alcohol
being under the influence is not a defense. You need to hire an attorney to go over the facts of your case with you.
I was arrested and charged with fourth offence dwi but ive only had one in the past ten years
was arrested for fourth offence dwi speeding and illegal lane usage no injurys or acccidents involved
Clearly some type of mistake has been made regarding priors and this will be fixable. What is clear is you need a DUI...