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Can you get a cdl license in new jersey if you've had 2 dui's?
If you have had 2 dui's can you get a cdl in new jersey?
There is no easy answer to this. If you had a CDL when you got your second, then they would permanently take it away....
Will they arrest me at work for not paying my DUI fine?
I was issued a warrant for not being able to pay my DUI fine, I just got the notice I have a warrant today, I'm putting 400$ on it tomorrow, its 764$ will they come and arrest me at work , or if I call and explain my situation and put the 400$ will they allow me back on payment plan and drop the warrant?
You can be sure that if you DON'T call and try to fix this you will be subject to arrest when found. Whether they come...
I got a dwi in a school zone in gloucster county nj at 3:15 am on a sunday morning.
Hi I got a dwi in a school zone at 3:15 am early o n a sunday morning. I have hired an attorney and she is waiting for the findings to come back. I have been reading about different dwi cases in nj on this website and they are very helpful. I am also wondering if i should transfer my license and residency to the state of pa since my work is basically there. If i do that would i need a pa lawyer as well to represent me if i obtain a pa license before my nj license gets suspended or are the fines in pa worse? I know pa has a work program for dui with licenses but i do not know if it is worth it. Any advice would be helpful and if someone could tell me if they have a free consultation that would be helpful as well Thanks
If you can transfer your license do so forthwith.
My charges has nothing to do with drugs and I have no records of drugs or any kind. Will I be drug tested at my PTI interview?
I've never been charged with any thing and have no record. Judge signed off for me to pay back an certain amount and PTI for 2 years or when I pay money back.
In General when you go into the PTI program you agree to be drug free. Thus in general you are tested. The tests are...
Is there anyway I could keep my license if I was charged with a DUI?
Along with the DUI charge I was given 3 other tickets including, no left turn ( but I made a right turn, and used my signal), careless driving, and refusal (which I didn't refuse anything because I participated in their field sobriety tests and took the breathalyzer). That night I only had two drinks, one in a 16 oz cup and one in a 12 oz cup, between 11 and 2. I'm not sure if the timing of my last drink could affect my BAC level, but then again I'm not sure what my BAC level was because when I asked the officer to show me, he refused.
You need to stop publishing incriminating information in the public forum. Retain an experienced defense attorney who...
So I had my license suspended for 7 months for my DUI and it is finally over.
So I had my license suspended for 7 months for my DUI and it is finally over. I still yet to restore my license. In case of a pending emergency, I may have to drive. Am I still on the revoked list under suspension for DUI, or am I just under a regular suspension now? Thank you
You are not allowed to drive until you are restored and yes, you are still considered suspended for DUI. I find it...
Can I be charged with refusal to take a breathalyzer when I was never offered to take one, nor read the standard form?
Arrested for DUI, and charged with refusal. I was read my Miranda rights, but never read NJ attorney general’s standard statement for motor vehicle operators (NJSA 39:4-50.2(E)), or offered to take a breathalyzer.
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....