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My original charge was my first ever dwi
I'm being arraigned in a violation of conditional discharge I've been working and did my classes I have to pay my fines which I have till July to accomplish I don't understand what's going on
Have you spoken with / asked your lawyer? If you did not have a lawyer at that time (when you got / pleaded your DWI)...
Interlock statue
It has been 3 years since my conviction and the restriction is still on my license. I was sentence to six months with the device but that time has come and gone. I was unable to afford having a car and all the fines at the time now I have a vehicle and I still have the restriction. Is there a statue on the restriction.
This is a DMV issue. You can hire an attorney to try and help you get the restriction removed.
Is vtl 0511 o2a2 a misdemeanor in new York and can I go to jail
Got pulled over never had a license but kept getting caught driving
Violation of many sections of VTL 511 carries possible jail time. There is no section/subsection o2a2 in the statute.
Can they revoke my Ror for catching a Dwi 1st offense.
I have a pending drug case and they granted me Ror status however I just caught a Dwi
Yes it may be revoked and bail good be set. Don't miss any court dates.
How do I get back on the road. Im recovered, and have a family now to provide for as lt of treatment, hardwork, love, and faith.
I havent applied for my NYS drivers licence. The abstract says 8 year revocation, which that is about to expire and all treatment and charges are satisfied over 6 years ago. I'm being told by reputable sources I'll be denied because of whats on my record. Being NYS now has 25year lookback would it be possible to relocate to a state that has less of a look back period to get licenced again?
Although it impacts your employment, this is really a question for a criminal attorney who handles motor vehicle...
New York State Penalties for conviction of misdemeanor ADWI per se and common law DWI from same incident.
If a defendant is convicted of both ADWI - 1192(aa) - and common law - DWI 1192(3) - fro same arrest, can a court impose separate sentences for each charge. For example, judge sentences defendant to a year in jail followed by 3 years of probation for the ADWI. If defendant violates probation, can judge sentence defendant to another year in jail on the common law DWI?
If both convictions arose out of the same incedent, the sentences would run concurrent, i.e. at the same time. An A...
Detained but not ticketed or arrested and issued with a verbal warning
I was detained recently by being questioned and then driven home by the police after suspicion for a DUI when sitting in a parking lot. I was not ticketed or arrested on that date and received no paper work during this time and was driven back to my home. As of yet I have yet to receive anything in the mail and my license was ran with the correct address the night of the incident. Should I contact the court and see if there is anything coming or is this going to be forgotten about and nothing come of it?
if the police did not have you do roadside sobriety exercises or take a breath test then it is likely you won't be...