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  • Cripes! Lucy Deedes reveals how her daughter's racy ...

    Aug 19, 2018 | via Mail on Sunday 

    Rudy Giuliani stuns Chuck Todd with his attempt to explain why Trump should NOT testify to Mueller for fear of being lured into a perjury trap, because some 'key facts' are in dispute Mollie Tibbetts' father LEAVES Iowa and returns to California a month after his daughter vanished - as investigators are still no closer to solving her disappearance Trump claims members of the press phoned to APOLOGIZE for 'failing New York Times' story on White House attorney Don McGahn talking to Mueller - and says the top lawyer is NOT a rat who turned on him Omarosa accuses Trump of wanting to 'start a race war in this country' in latest jab at president and claims she taped conversations because 'in Trump world, everybody lies' Former model has to undergo cosmetic surgery after she was bitten on the face by a dog she was patting in a Colorado restaurant Outrage as former Texas doctor who raped a ... (more)


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