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What do you make of this DUI story?
2 years ago I was pulled over and had been drinking. I was placed into custody after failing a field sobriety test. I explained to the officer that I felt suicidal. I was immediately taken to a hospital where I was then transported to a crisis center the following morning. After spending a week there, I come home and find a letter that my license has been suspended. Blood tests showed that I was way over the limit. I made a few phone calls about what hoops I need to jump through to take care of this. A fine, interlock and some classes and I'd be back on track. A great job came my way and of course I told them I had a DUI a few months ago. That would have prevented me from getting the job, but strangely enough they could not find a single thing in my record. I never spent a day in court and to this day, it has never shown up on any record
You were never charged criminally. Dps revoked your license because you had enough alcohol in your blood to warrant a...
Do I need a DUI and a crimale lawyer because I have a DUI change and fleeing and aluding and unschange stopping a o
Driving and got pulled over tuck off got charged with DUI fleding and aluding obstructing an officer on failure to change lane with left turn signal Black Bush driving endangerment and I'm on probation in another state and already have one DUI what to do
You should be ok if you hire one criminal attorney that is experienced with both types of charge. An experienced...
How can i get the information in regards to a home being raided for drugs.
Im looking for a friend who hired aawyer 6 weeks ago but he still has no information on his case or the evidence against him. Is this a normal amount of time to go without information?
Yes it is. The lawyer should be communicating with the client even if there is no information yet.
How do i find out if my Oklahoma driver's license got suspended for a DUI in Kansas
I just want to know how I got to get my Oklahoma driver's license back because of a DUI in Kansas
Contact the Department of Public Safety, Drovers' License Bureau.
What legal steps can I take if a noncustodian relative is driving while intoxicated with my children in the car?
Amicable divorced. This non custodial relative has access to my children on days that I do not have them. Relative is bad influence frequently drives while intoxicated, erratic, verbal abuser, detrimental
Talk to the other parent about the issue.
What can they charge me with exactly when I have 3 driving while revoked?
I have 3 no Insurance, 2 were dropped, 1 minor without a helmet, 3 no tag , and 3 driving while revoked. I have no prior records. How will this affect me?
They are minor traffic violations basically but you don't want them on your record. You should hire an attorney to...
Will filing a paupers affidavit help reduce court costs for a DUI first offense?
Arrested for DUI first offense a few months ago. Plead guilty and got an 18 month deferred sentence and needing to pay over $1800.00 in court costs. I cant work due to a disability and my only income is my monthly SSI check which only covers my rent, electric, gas, and phone bills. No family or friend support either.
Speak with a local attorney to see what your options are, they can most likely get you lower payments.