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Should I get a lawyer for a first time dui
my son had a accident with property damage resulting in a dui his ba was .17. He was driving my truck, My right leg was crushed 17 mos ago in a forklift accident and I am living off of workcomp. We do not have a lot of money and he takes me to my appointments
Contact a few attorneys and find one that you like and will work with your budget.
Average DUI penalties for first time DUI in Colorado Springs?
First DUI to ever be charged with in my life. Allegedly .135 BAC, will have completed 20 hours alcohol treatment hours prior to court date, and working on completing at many community service hours as possible before pre-trial conference if possible. Is involuntary intoxication a viable defense? Is unsupervised probation an option?
Completing community service and alcohol classes prior to your pretrial conference is a good start, but I would still...
1st DUI in Weld County, Colorado
Clean driving record. 1st DUI charge in Weld. Due to BAC, DA wants 10 days incarceration. What is the law for 1st offense?
10 days is alot for a first offense. But how about beating it? Go hire an experienced defense attorney and you are...
If I got a DUI in Colorado but am a New Mexico resident, how does the interlock part work?
I got a DUI, plead guilty, with the help of a lawyer got everything squared away, after the sentencing part was having the interlock, but the lawyer said he didn't know if I'd be allowed to get one since I am a NM resident and the DUI was in Colorado. He said I would receive paperwork for it through the DMV, and he was basically stepping down/done with my defense. I have gotten everything else (probation, community service etc) paperwork but recevied nothing from the DMV. I called and the NM DMV is still showing no restriction on my license. What am I supposed to do and who would I contact? Do they normally allow out of state DUIs to get the interlock?
Yes, you can have an interlock device on your vehicle in your home state when you were convicted of DUI in another...
Can I purchase a firearm after having a DWI?
I have been told that answering the background check questions improperly can result in being charged with purgery and can result in conviction, fines and jail time. The only question I am unsure on is the one that asks: have you ever been convicted of a felony, or any other crime that resulted in probation up to 2 years. I am not quite sure how to answer that question because when it says any other crime its not being very specific. I have a dwi and I am not sure if that qualifies as a yes when I answer that question or not.
In most states a DUI/DWI can be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the circumstances. You can call the court where...
How can I be convicted of Possossion of a weapon while intoxicated if the police did NOT blood/breath test me?
i am currently on probation for a DUI. The other night I was accused of carrying a weapon while intoxicated "prohibited use of a weapon" by the police. they took my gun and wrote me a summons for court. And I was free to leave. However they failed to breathalyze me or do a blood test. How can the court prove I am guilty if there is no evidence?
There are two things going on here. One, is whether or not you met the elements of Prohibited Use of a Weapon and the...
Colorado State breath alcohol testing regulations
Although stated that there are always errors in breath testing, the accuracy is lowered if still in the absorptive state. What is the absorptive state? What is the 20 minute deprivation period?
The absorptive state refers to the period following ingestion of alcohol where your body is still absorbing alcohol...