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Can our family take away my mother-in-law's vehicle because she just lost her license?
She is 83, sees very poorly, drinks too much and is becoming increasingly confused. Her doctor notified the Department of Motor Vehicles, which required her to retake her driving tests within 20 days. She hasn't done it and the time is up. We don't think she'll tell us when she gets another letter saying her license is revoked, and we're sure she will continue to drive. How can we legally stop her? She is very stubborn and would not stop driving when we asked her to at a family meeting after her last accident. We've talked about disabling the van (she would have it fixed) or parking it elsewhere (she might report it stolen).
It might be time to go see an elder law attorney about a guardianship. You have placed this into the criminal defense...
Can I sue the clinic for giving out my information without my consent?
I was receiving prenatal care and being drug tested. Some tests came back positive for Thc. So now i have a human services guy making me feel harassed trying to make me take drug tests and seem like im a drug addict. I feel as if my privacy was violated and i need to do something about it.
This question may not belong in the "DUI & DWI" section, but I'll try to take a stab at it. Information regarding your...
What does CO. law mean by If a driver refused a chemical test prior to January 1, 2014, and was previously ineligible to.
If a driver refused a chemical test prior to January 1, 2014, and was previously ineligible to reinstate early with Interlock, they may now either finish serving the remainder of their revocation and reinstate with full driving privileges, or serve at least two months and apply for early reinstatement with Interlock for one year. What do they mean by this backwards statement ?
In order to answer questions like this, we need to see the exact language, and also need to do research on the case law...
Will I get a DUI? Confused
I hit a parked car. I was slightly drunk, combined with getting used to a new medication (my psychiatrist told me not to drive the day after taking it, but I did). There was no damage to the car that I hit. I did a roadside sobriety test, but was super panicked and had a breakdown. They didn't arrest me or make me go to the hospital, just to call a friend. I was ultimately ticketed for careless driving and expired license . The thing I'm worried about is the court appearance is mandatory according to the ticket. Can I still be charged with a DUI?
Yes, it is still possible. From your post, it appears that you didn't take a blood or a breath test. This makes it...
I'm 17 and I got charged with my first DUI 0.05 and it's been my second hit and run what might I face in court?
I'm 17 and I got charged with my first DUI 0.05 and it's been my second hit and run what might I face in court?
2nd Hit and Run and you're 17???? Kid, maybe it's best to give up your license before you kill someone..... Well,...
How high are my chances of jail after a first time DUI?
I am facing a Dui charge and reckless driving. I crashed into a pole and the pole won. The pole has maybe a dent in it. My car is totaled and I was able to walk away with small scratches from the airbags going off. I bailed myself out and this is my first offense. My BAC was for sure at least .08. Is it possible to get a plea bargain at all? I have a disabled son. I can't go to jail and leave him for an extended period of time.
I've never has a client with circumstances as you've described, get an actual jail sentence.
Finishing DUI Therapy classes before the weekly requirement is met. Completing required hours before 34 week time line.
I have been assigned to Track C therapy. That is 68 hours over 34 weeks. However my therapy provider allows me to take 4 hours a week. This means that my requirement will be met prior to the 34 week mark. As it was never my intent to stay in Colorado I would like this finished as soon as possible so that I can complete terms of probation and move out of the state to get on with my life. How does this work?
It works by asking your probation officer this exact question. Since we are lawyers and not your probation officer be...