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I got a DUI (23152 A & B), Driving with a suspended license , and I missed my first court appearance in Stanislaus County.
I did not make my first court appearance and a bench warrant. What should I expect when I do appear (with bail money in cash)? What sort of fines and jail time should I expect? I am planning to request community service or alternative work option.
You need an attorney. More information is needed about your DUI and why your license was suspended in the first place....
Can i get my car out of impound?
My boyfriend got into a bit of an accident with a parked car owner and him called the police officer made a statement of what happened. Problem is my boyfriend can get his license due to dui classes that he needs to complete is there anyway i can get my car back?
You will need to convince somebody you didn't know about the status of your boyfriend's license.
I am wanting to know if a individual that may have a over a 9 y old DUI does it drop off your record expungement ?
DUI over 9 yrs old. I like to get an extended NT of driving record or if any record excist.
Your question doesn't make a lot of sense. If you want a copy of your driving record, contact DMV. There is no such...
I got sentenced 180 days on a dui in california how much time do i have to serve??
i have a baby on the way my wife is high risk pregnancy
Was that DUI offense/arrest your first ever DUI offense/arrest?
If I drank a 25oz beer on Tuesday and have to test today will I be clear? I am 5'9" and weigh 160lbs. The beer was 8.3%.
Testing for a job and they use ETG testing.
This may not go well for you. Good luck.
What will happen if you get pulled over with suspended tags and no license and have a DUI on record?
What will happen next?? Gotta go to Traffic court for it also
The tags would be expired, not suspended. The license would be suspended, or at least one's driving privileges are...
Is it a requirement to take a breathalyzer besides the road side one?
The police let me leave the scene of my DUI and never took me to jail.
This sounds like good news! Would you have preferred they took you to jail?