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How long is a dui on my driving record in NJ
I was arrested when I got into my car. My car had been parked the wrong way or I was reported. I don't know which. It never happened again and I've not drank since that night 5 years ago. But is it still on my driving record?
As long as you live, barring global disaster or the end of the US as we know it.
Charged with DWI. Didnt receive any discovery after requesting for a week. Is this ground for dismissal ?
I am charged with DWI. I have requested for discovery but didnt receive it after a week. The court date is coming up. Is this a ground for dismissal. Can I file a motion to dismiss ?
Not on your life. Try coming every month for six months and then maybe, but don't count on it then. DWI without a...
When will I see a probation officer and get tested
A month ago when the judge put me in pti program they said I would receive a letter in mail or phone call of when I would get tested or have a meeting and it's been over a month so I don't know what is going on I paid off some of the fine already to.
You should call the court and advise them that you have not received anything yet. You should be receiving something in...
Charged with DWI. Original court date - April 4th. Received court notice - court date changed to April 4th - same as original dt
I am charged with DWI. My original court date is April 4th on the ticket. I received a notice from court that the court date is changed to April 4th. But I dont understand what has changed as its the same court date and time. Is this an error ? Do I notify the court the court date is the same and nothing changed. I am requesting to push back the court date by 30 days to receive discovery and review the discovery and discuss it with expert
The judge wants you there for a first appearance and to be arraigned (charged with the offense and told of the...
NJ DUI - travel to Canada
I am not sure if this is right place to ask. I have a job where travel to Canada is now going to be required. My understanding is Canada does not allow misdemeanors, felonies, criminals, etc to travel to their country, most notable DUI. I had one in NJ 6 years ago. The reason I am reaching out here is the legal aspect of it, in NJ since DUI is (as bad as it is, not minimizing it) considered a traffic violation, will I still be considered "inadmissible"? I am not sure how they check this, especially upon landing there. I am trying to avoid my employer paying for the airfare, only to be turned back on arrival. I did get a background check for this job and it did not turn up there. So curious if any of you are privy to this situation and if I should agree to travel, or should look for another job!
A waiver for admission is possible just not easy to get.
Can I evict an alcoholic tenant who leaves feces all over the floor when drunk and never cleans it up?
This is an owner occupied 4 family house. Tenant is continually drunk. The apartment smells like a sewer because she is incontinent of stool and urine when drunk. Her sister used to come and clean it up but as the alcoholic has refused to get help the sister will no longer come and clean. I'm also afraid that she will start a fire and burn my house down.
Since you have indicated that this is a 4-family house, even though it may be owner-occupied, you are still subject to...
1st DUI dismissed. 3 years ago, but just got another DUI 2 weeks ago
If the 1st DUI was dismissed and I wasn't charged. Then this new DUI should count as my 1st one in court correct? If I am convicted ?
The only thing that counts our convictions. Thus, if you have no other DWI convictions, this would be your first. I...