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If i had a withheld adjudication on a dui and poss of cocaine in 2002 can i be denied a ccw
In 2002 i was stop by police and i didnt pass the sobriety test when they search me they found a bag with only residue of cocaine since then i have been a law abiding citizen . Thank you
Perhaps you can get a ccw. Have you tried? Check out this webpage:
Court for driving on suspended lisence, what to expect?
In july i was pulled over for driving on a suspended lisence, I have since then, had my lisence reinstated, I have court in few days. It gets a lil more complicated than that however. A few days agp, I got a dui and mu lisense is once again suspended. What should i expect when I go to court for the initial incident in a few days?
You need an attorney. One more strike and you will lose your license for five years. Any combination of three dui's...
Could it be knocked down to not a dui? If I get probation, how long and will they test for drugs other than alcohol?
I was arrested for DUI and I blew a .079, and .08. I have retained a DUI lawyer. I have never been in trouble with the law and I am 25. The video of me during the field sobriety was not terrible, but I was not perfect obviously. They did not test me for drugs when I was booked. And when I went to the review office for my license, they told me because I blew a .079 I would not lose my license. Is that fact correct? Thank you so much
You already asked this question and myself and several pother lawyers have already commented. In addition to...
Failed my drug test for the first time will they arrest me?
they called me in for a random drug screen last week it was given to me by a supervisor not my said he was not going to arrest me but would show my po the result and then it is up to her. I go today for my regular visit, will they arrest me today? This is the first time in 8mths i have not passed. I go to NA meetings already as well
I hope not but is always possible. You must make the meeting however. If you fail to show, a warrant will certainly...
Can a confidential informant contact the defendant off the records before the person is prosecuted ?
A friend was set up by a CI and later contacted by the CI questioning about drugs with out police knowing. Is that legal?
CI's are people and like any other person they "can" do whatever they want; some thing's lawful (within the guidelines...
Will my probation officer drug/alcohol test me 2 days after my check in on our scheduled home visit?
I want to drink wine tonight my office is coming to verify my address. What are the chances she does a drug/alcohol test tomorrow at home? I've never had it happen but it's not impossible but are the chances slim?
Sorry, we are lawyers, not fortune tellers. There is no way we can predict when your probation officer will request a...
How can I get a certified copy of the disposition of on my DUI case from 2011?
In 2011, I was arrested and charged with a DUI which I was later amended to a Reckless Driving charge after hiring a private attorney. I am currently looking for new employment and know there may be background checks done. I received advice that it would be a good idea to get a copy of the disposition to provide to any potential employer who asks about the charge. Also is there a fee for a copy?
You will need to contact the clerk of court in the county where your case was pending. Most clerk's charge several...