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  • Road rage turned hate crime investigated

    Friday Aug 28 | via Click Orlando 



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  • Deputy body cams delayed

    Saturday Aug 15 | via Daytona Beach News-Journal Online 

    As the 5-month-old investigation into a shooting by a deputy that killed an unarmed Deltona man continues, a committee is helping decide how the Volusia County Sheriff's Office will implement body cameras. The Deltona case is now in the hands of the State Attorney's Office after an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into the actions of Deputy Todd Raible.


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  • Three teens arrested in Deltona string of break-ins,...

    Jul 28, 2015 | via DeLand Beacon 

    Three teens apprehended after being caught breaking into a vehicle in Deltona on Sunday admitted breaking into others in the area, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Mike Rivera-Feliciano, 19, Staguan Moton, 18, and a 16-year-old boy admitted to authorities that they drove up from Orlando and broke into a string of vehicles in the Deltona area late Sunday night, and early Monday morning, according to Andrew Gant, a spokesman at the Sheriff's Office.


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Deltona Law

Probation for knocked down dui
first time law offender, i am 25, I blew .079 and .08
Do you have a question? Are you asking if you will get a "breakdown"? Because if so there is a lot of information...
Could it be knocked down to not a dui? If I get probation, how long and will they test for drugs other than alcohol?
I was arrested for DUI and I blew a .079, and .08. I have retained a DUI lawyer. I have never been in trouble with the law and I am 25. The video of me during the field sobriety was not terrible, but I was not perfect obviously. They did not test me for drugs when I was booked. And when I went to the review office for my license, they told me because I blew a .079 I would not lose my license. Is that fact correct? Thank you so much
You already asked this question and myself and several pother lawyers have already commented. In addition to...
Failed my drug test for the first time will they arrest me?
they called me in for a random drug screen last week it was given to me by a supervisor not my said he was not going to arrest me but would show my po the result and then it is up to her. I go today for my regular visit, will they arrest me today? This is the first time in 8mths i have not passed. I go to NA meetings already as well
I hope not but is always possible. You must make the meeting however. If you fail to show, a warrant will certainly...
Dui reduced reckless, guilty, no priors, is it true that new 2011 changes may permit 1st time offenders to expunge record?
2009, parked in front of supermarket. had open beer container in can and someone called police. arrested cuz refused breathalizer once i came out of supermarket from shopping. No other beer or liquor in car. Charged with open container and DUI. Later reduced to Reckless. Just read on that expungement may be possibe of first time offenders. True?
You got a great result on your criminal case, however if you were adjudicated guilty you would not be eligible to have...
FL drivers license reinstated after DUI manslaughter?
In 2009 my husband was involved in a car accident resulting in a DUI manslaughter charge. His Fl license was permanently revoked roughly around September of 2010 along with his arrest date. His court date, in January, ended with adjudication withheld under specific terms which he completed in full. He has had no prior DUI's or any other infractions to date. When, if at all, will he be eligible to aquire his drivers license.
His lawyer must have done incredible work. In all the cases I have seen in the past if you plea to any type of dui...
Im trying to figure out what to do
Ok, so Tuesday morning i was arrested for a DUI, but i wasn't even driving. i was passed out in my truck while the truck was running, but parked in a parking lot. I got out 8 hours after processing on ROR. I'm not even sure what that is. I have heard a lot of things from different people. some people say i can get it dropped to a reckless driving, others say that if i say i wanna join the military they will drop all charges, and then others say i can get everything dropped entirely because i did not blow and wasn't even drinking. i believe someone spiked my drink with something because i was throwing up later and blacked out and have no idea what happened until i was woken up by the police. i am also looking for someone to represent me.
There are many options available. The best thing to do is to meet with local attorney's who will be able to review your...
Can I get my Real Estate License in Florida if I have a DUI infraction
Although not guilty, I was found guilty no contest to a DUI a couple years back in my parking lot, am I able to get a Real Estate License in Florida
This is not actually a criminal defense question, but a licensing question. Check with the Florida Real Estate...