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  • Blotter: Sept. 2, 2017

    Friday Sep 1 | via The Grand Junction Sentinel 

    Two Western Slope men were arrested and jailed in Parowan, Utah, earlier this week after two separate pursuits by law enforcement. Delta police said that Freddy Houghton, 29, Cedaredge, and Nicholas Pell, 35, Delta, were arrested near Parowan in Iron County.


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Smartstart interlock not working properly. False violation. Any recourse to have it removed in 4 months?
After a DWAI I got a interlock restricted license. The device has been acting strangly, turning off while driving and intializing again and other weird behaviour. Today it gave me a initial BAC violation after I was parked for 15 minutes. I blew into again in 2 minutes and it passed. I am on work release and have not had a drink in months. Will this false violation prevent me getting the device removed in 4 months? Will DMV make me have it for the entire 9 month period?
While I do not practice law in Colorado, I can tell you that these devices are notoriously unreliable, with long...
Transferring DUI classes to other state from Colorado
Expect to plead to DWAI or be convicted of DUI (0.09) with out of state priors stretching back 15 years. Looks like the education/treatment for that is 11 months. I never intended to stay in Colorado but after being out of the country I can't claim any state as a resident state. I would like to leave Colorado as soon as I can. I may have to do 6 months of work-release jail. Can I transfer the balance of classes to another state? Can I leave the country for a month at the end of work release? I have a out-of-country romantic partner/fiance I would like to visit after work-release. I understand that I may be able to change supervised probation to unsupervised once public service and classes are done. But classes are nearly a full year. How can I leave this state to pursue job/career possibilities?
The answer to your question is it depends. First can you transfer classes to another state, generally yes, but you need...
Pending DUI charge in Colorado. I'm relocating to Washington. Some have mentioned advantages to being out-of-state...
Dui with a prior. I've been told there are advantages to being an out-of-state resident but it is not clear what they are. Does anyone have information on this? Is there really a special portion of DUI statute for out-of-state residents? What does it say?
I can only answer this question as it would apply in Utah. However, I don't imagine it would be much different in CO....
My boyfriend was pulled over for DUI in Colorado but had nothing to drink, is there any grounds for arrest?
The officer said failure to signal then gave him field test but no breathalizer. He had flip flops on so he had to do it barefoot on glass and rocks. Then they dont tell him anything and arrest him with no rights being read. He submitted a blood test and spent the mandatory hold of 16 hours in jail! We have no copy of the police report and they said it takes 2 motnhs for the blood test to come back! First of all if you are not read your rights can the case be thrown out? This man has absolutely no criminal history! Second no grounds? This was a power hungry city cop. We need some serious advice. Can we request a copy of the police report? Also does a DUI blood draw kit just test for alcoohol or test for other substances.
There is a difference between probable cause for an arrest and proof beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction. That...
I was sentenced to 30 days in jail for driving with a revoked license. I panicked and never showed up to my jail date.
This took place in Colorado and I was due to report to county jail 3 months ago. How do I go about rectifying this. I would like to get it over with- who do I contact?
You should probably contact a Colorado attorney to see if there's a Bench Warrant out for your arrest and to see if he/...
Should I take the plea bargain offered by the DA?
I am under 19 years old and was arrested for a DUI, position of less than 1 oz if marijuana, drug paraphernalia and under age drinking/driving, speeding. The DA has offered a plea bargain to drop all but the DUI, 2 years supervised probation, 10 days jail time, serving 2 and 48+ community service, plus fines. Should I take it?
Do you really want a DUI conviction on your record? This NEVER comes off. Future employers will see it-- even 20 years...
What is the worst case scenario for driving without a license?
I was charged with a DWAI a 1.5 yrs ago. I went online, got all the necessary paperwork to fill out and send in to get my drivers license reinstated. I never received anything back, but went to the local DMV to set up my driving tests. When I got there, the girl at the counter said everything was fine, and I wasnt required to take the tests and all we needed to do was get the picture taken. So, I got my picture done and eyes checked...$20 later I'm out the door. I got my new license in the mail a couple weeks later. Now its been at least 6 months, and i get pulled over for speeding. When the officer comes back to the car after running my info (Interlock, SR-22, Insurance.. the whole gambit) he says my license is REVOKED!!! Now i have a court date, and no idea what to do. Please Help.
You should gather all of your information from DMV showing that you were reinstated properly. You may want to go to...