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How long does heroin stay in blood ?
Heroin can only be detected in a blood test 12 hours after use. Is it the correct information? I have read I also need an experts suggestion on this matter. I also read the blog How long does heroin stay in blood
Your question calls for medical, not legal, expertise. Use the find a lawyer feature. You may find a few lawyers who...
How long does cocaine stay in your system ?
One of my friend take Oral ingestion and he has smoking habit. How Cocaine Is Detected on Drug Tests? I read blogs like and on how long does cocaine stay in your system
You also asked a question about heroin, and your questions are posting in the DUI practice area. If there was a legal...
Can I find out status with Florida DMV of a dui I received in February 2009 in Florida as a vacationer with a New York license
I plan on moving to Fla and will need to change my license from New York to Florida I completed all required here in Fla and also probation was completed in NY clean license since my first offense in 2009 I have a clean NY license. Want to make sure Fla DMV clears me to get Fla license
Yes. Call any DMV office in Florida, have your driver's license number ready, and they should be able to look up the...
I missed my s.o.r appointment today, i got a v.m saying I need to be there by 10 a.m. tomorrow. Can I be arrested once there?
I missed a drug test last week due to lack of money which made me afraid to go to today's appointment. The voicemail I received said there will be a warrent issued if I do not report by 10 a.m. tomorrow. My question is can I be arrested if there is no warrent yet when I report to s.o.r. in the morning ?
It's a safe bet that if you do not show up a warrant will be issued for certain. Technically yes, you can be...
Can I drive the company vehicle without an interlock?
I have been recently convicted of a DUI and consequently have to have a interlock device on my personal vehicle. My question is, for work, can I under any pretenses drive a company vehicle?
Excellent question. Florida Statutes create an exception. Here's the text of the law: F.S. 316.1937 (7) ...
How long does a DUI conviction take to post to your record? Also, do i serve two separate license suspensions (DMV,criminal)?
I was arrested 4/2015 and served a 6 months license suspension from the DMV and was convicted 10/20. My court papers say I have to serve a 6 month suspension. It's been over two weeks and my license is still valid according to the DMV website. I'm just confused to why my license is still "valid"? Does serving the DMV suspension satisfy the conviction suspension?
It is not double jeopardy for them to suspend your license and then revoke it upon conviction. Different courts...
32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire .
I'm 61 years old man living in delray beach Florida and have a 32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire . im i going to serve a two year jail term now, no one was hurt just pulled over for speeding and failed the bac test but wasn't told how bad i failed. I know it was dumb of me but now my licence has been taken away 04/09/2014
I don't see a question here, however, since the DUI is 32 years old odds of the State being able to prove the case are...