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Charged with a DUI in 2006 in New York. Disposition in 2007 was DWAI. Can the DWAI be used for enhancement in a 2015 DUI case?
The state of Tennessee is trying to charge current DUI case as a second offense off of a New York DWAI Disposition in 2007.Can the DWAI be used as an enhancement in another state?
Unfortunately the prior disposition can be used. As for what you say is "enhancement " is a term likely used prosecutor...
Does it make financial sense to get a conditional license? Also what happens if I dont have a license to surrender to the DMV
I was convited of a DUI in New Jersey over a month ago. Today I recieved an order of revoking my license in NYS for 3 months from the court date. The DDP takes 2 months to complete. Although the DDP must be completed to satisfy the NJ IDRC requirements does it even make sense to go after a conditional license if I would be eligible to reinstate my license after the 90 day suspension? On another note I misplaced my drivers license and dont have anything to surrender to the DMW. If i dont surrender any license soon will they become suspicious? Thank You for your help in advance!
You are eligible for a conditional license upon enrollment in the DDP not completion. Whether it makes sense depends...
i passed USMLE step1 2009 at 6 attempt back then no limits and new rule can't take beyond 6 attempt each, applied for retake.
unfortunately step 1 got expired last year because i couldn't finish other components with in 7 year now i have applied for sponsorship from State Medical boards to retake step1. Received a form ,q1- is provide any extenuating circumstances they might consider ME & q-2what may have taken to remediate deficiencies in passing exam. please help me what should i answer so easily get sponsorship. little summary of these exams":To meet the examination requirements for ECFMG Certification, an IMG pass USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 Clinical Knowledge & USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS).ECFMG policy requires that IMG pass the USMLE Steps and Step Components required for ECFMG Certification within a 7year period. This means that once you pass a Step or Step Component, you will have seven years to pass all of the other Step(s) or Step Component(s) required for ECFMG Certification. This 7-year period begins on the exam date of the first Step or Step Component passed and ends exactly seven years from that exam date. If you do not pass all required Steps and Step Components within a maximum of seven years, your earliest USMLE passing performance will no longer be valid for ECFMG Certification.
This is not a DUI question... I'd repost this to administrative law.
What happens if you blow into an ignition interlock for another driver
I was ordered to have an ignition interlock installed in my leased vehicle, I'm not eligible for a license for 6 months, my long time partner had a stroke, he can legally drive but because of paralysis cannot blow. We are low income and cannot afford a vehicle for him. Tried to transfer lease and registration into his name. Hyundai will not let me. We live in a remote mountainous area and have no help. Will the court or probation make exceptions under special circumstances? We are stranded
No they will not permit a person who is not the driver to blow. If your partner cannot blow into the device then he can'...
I'm on probation for misdemeanor dwi in ny state can I visit my family in Scotland
My 87 year old daddy in Scotland is quite sick and I would like to visit him
You should inquire of your probation officer. Permission is usually granted for such situations. If your conditions...
What is my friend looking at?
My friend received a DWI shy a year. Then got another one right before Christmas. These are my friends charges: VTL 1192 2-AA AGGRAVATED DWI:PER SE-1 PRIOR VTL 1198 7A USE OTHER VEH W/O INTERLOCK VTL 1211 0A UNSAFE BACKING OF VEHICLE VTL 0511 03 AGGRAVATED UNLIC OPER/MV-1ST VTL 1192 03 DWI-PREV CONVICTION IN 10 YRS What is she looking at?
Your friend is facing potential felony charges which could lead to her being incarcerated if convicted. Your friend...
Getting my license reinstated after a DWI in NH
I got a DWI in NH and then moved to New York shortly after going through court. I had to complete a 20 hour class =, which I did while living in New York. I'm required to get an SR-22 in NH to have them re-instate my license. How does this work if I'm living in New York?
You need to apply for reinstatement of license in New Hampshire because NY will not give you a license if your out of...