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Charged with a DUI in 2006 in New York. Disposition in 2007 was DWAI. Can the DWAI be used for enhancement in a 2015 DUI case?
The state of Tennessee is trying to charge current DUI case as a second offense off of a New York DWAI Disposition in 2007.Can the DWAI be used as an enhancement in another state?
Unfortunately the prior disposition can be used. As for what you say is "enhancement " is a term likely used prosecutor...
Does it make financial sense to get a conditional license? Also what happens if I dont have a license to surrender to the DMV
I was convited of a DUI in New Jersey over a month ago. Today I recieved an order of revoking my license in NYS for 3 months from the court date. The DDP takes 2 months to complete. Although the DDP must be completed to satisfy the NJ IDRC requirements does it even make sense to go after a conditional license if I would be eligible to reinstate my license after the 90 day suspension? On another note I misplaced my drivers license and dont have anything to surrender to the DMW. If i dont surrender any license soon will they become suspicious? Thank You for your help in advance!
You are eligible for a conditional license upon enrollment in the DDP not completion. Whether it makes sense depends...
NY State DWI/DWAI predicament - live in New Jersey
My sister received a DWI in NY State in June, She works for a large pharmaceutical in New Jersey, and her job is 85% travel. Without her license, her career is in the tubes. Yes, its always easier to say after the fact and realize the error of your ways.The question here is this lawyer suggested that he will have a better chance of pleading down the case to the DWAI, if her employer would provide a letter she would be fired if convicted. (There is no doubt she will be). However I work for a similar size company and I have a friend in HR who told me no ethical company will provide a written statement like that, regardless that she will lose her job. Before she lets the cat out of the bag to her employer, does this increase the chance of pleading down? Considering other counsel.
She should listen to the lawyer who gave the advise. He or she is in the best position to advise your sister.
Charged with a DUI in 2006 in New York. Disposition in 2007 was DWAI. Can the DWAI be used for enhancement in a 2015 DUI case?
Charged with a DUI in 2006 in New York. Disposition in 2007 was DWAI. Can the DWAI be used for enhancement in a 2015 DUI case?
In NY a prior conviction for a dwai violation does not enhance a new misdemeanor DWI charge to a felony. However, it...
Can I drive a motorized boat in the state of New York if I have a conditional license due to a DWAI?
I have a conditional license until December 2015. I am not asking about drinking and driving while on the boat. I just want to know if I can LEGALLY drive the boat. I having a NYS boating license, but I want to make sure I am not doing anything illegal, as it is a "motor vehicle"
You should discuss this with a NY attorney in more detail. If you want to find one in your area here on AVVO you can...
Great insurance coverage?
I've been convicted of a DUAI about 2 years ago and have not seen a change in my insurance, is that normal? Would I expect a change in the near future?
"Don't hit a gift-horse in his mouth" - not likely to see a change this far out.
Can an aggravated DWI be dismissed due to postponements?
A friend was charged with aggravated DWI in March 2014 - BAC was .20 and there was one prior DWI six years ago. Property damage - no injuries. The case is still ongoing due to postponements. The case was recently moved from a Town Court to a County Court - I think because it is a felony charge. Because the case has ongoing for about 8 months - would this case be eligible for dismissal anytime soon?
Not every day automatically counts against the DA's speedy trial time because certain reasons for adjournments are...