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Time limit on taking me to court for a DUI if I bonded out and was arrested for something else and THEN remained in custody.
I was arrested for misdemeanor DUI. I bonded out. I was arrested before my arraignment for separate felonies. I was in jail for two years before I took a plea on the felony. I never attended ANY court proceeding related to the DUI and the DUI was NEVER mentioned or on any paperwork. I plead guilty to the DUI at the felony plea. Would I have grounds to appeal the DUI plea on the grounds of ineffective counsel because he said there was nothing that could be done? MY research is showing they went over many many times limits, but I am no lawyer and would like the opinion of one because I am sure it is not as simple as I believe it is-or else everyone would be lawyers.
The time limits usually apply to 1) time from offense when they have to bring the charge, and you were charged so that...
Looking for pro Bono or low cost DWI lawyer
Charged with first DWI bit it's actually the 3rd. Have not read police report it's dor boyfriend i believe he was parked i left the car with hom we were having car trouble i was next door to the store doing laundry i come back him and the car were gone him in jail for DWI and my car impounded
Pro bono attorneys in criminal cases are public defenders. Because of their existence, private attorney generally don'...
How long does a DWI failed sobriety test stay on your driving record if the criminal charges are dropped via Article 894?
I was arrested for DWI in September 2010 after attending an LSU football game after failing a breathalyzer. In 2013, the charges were dismissed via Article 894, but has not been expunged. I did a self query of LA DMV records and the license suspension is still on there. Will this be on my record for 10 years as if I was convicted, and if not when can I expect this to disappear? Thnaks
While you pled under 894, unless you go through the subsequent step of getting an expungement of the arrest records...
Can I be charged with a 3rd offense DUI?
The first time was dismissed and I pleaded to careless operation. The second time I pleaded first offense and it was expunged later. 7 years later I get charged with third offense.
Not if your first offense was dismissed. DA's make mistakes, hire a local DUI lawyer to fight the alleged prior.
What can happen to my insurance rate after the DMV hearing but before the court hearing?
During a DWI checkpoint, I had to do the FST and then was taken to the station for a breathalyzer. The machine did not register so I was arrested for "refusal to blow". My DMV administrative hearing was last month and had gotten recalled because the cop did not send in all of the correct paperwork. As a result, my license is not suspended and I do not need to get SR22 insurance. My next court date is next month, and I am hoping to have the DUI charges reduced. In the meantime, can my insurance rate go up since I have not been convicted/charged for DUI? And if my charges do get reduced, will the DUI still show up for insurance companies and will my insurance rate still go up? Thanks.
This all has to do with when you get "audited" by your insurance company. It usually only happens once every several...
DWI Probation problems?
I was charged with a DWI in April. I pleaded 894 with the city attorney and was sentenced to community service, AA meetings, MADD and Driving Class. However of these I have only completed the AA meetings and Community Service. I Have a full time job, but I am not driving and it gas been very hard to even achieve these. The MADD panels in my area have all passed. I am trying to find a driving school, but my court date is in a week. Will I be going to jail? Can I request probation extension to just finish these classes? I am really worried about my court date. My probation officer has not really communicated with me at all either.
Do your best to get everything completed and be able to prove it.
I need to know how to protect myself, my home, etc if my husband, would get in a wreck driving drunk?
We have been "estranged" off and on for a few months, due to his infidelity. Have joint checking acct and bills. How can I and my home be protected. "Legal" separation?
This is a family law question not a DUI defense question.