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How long can a person get revoked for a misdemeanor. He has 16 months left on probation but a history going back to 2006 5 dui
Last dui in 2006 since then 1 battery 1 obstructing 1 thc now 1 misdemeanor disorderly conduct
It's not clear if that's his record or that's what he's on probation for. A Class A misdemeanor carries with it a...
First MIP offense, how should I handle myself in court?
I was at a party this summer that the local police responded to. Im 19 and refused the PBT (politely). I refused because I knew it was my right to decline and I did not want to automatically prove myself guilty. I took like 2 shots (followed by about 10 glasses of water and gum lol), so I was nowhere near drunk, nor did I smell like alcohol or look drunk. The cop told me he was going to charge me with obstruction, but ended up with just a MIP. My court date is coming up and I'm going to go to try and get this off my record. As my actions where obviously wrong, Im a college student trying to make a future for myself, so this will not look good on my record. How should I handle this in court since I will be representing myself?
Well, the first step is probably not to post a confession on a public website like this one. Given your issues with...
My husband was arrested of his 6th DUI offense? can he avail SAP program?
my husband had already completed his erp on his 5th DUI. Thank you in advance for your anwers
You should contact an experienced DUI attorney to help you through the process. With 6 offenses, the repercussions for...
I just want to know if a DUI 6th offender in Wisconsin is eligible for SAP program even if already completed and ERP program
he was in prison 7 years ago for his 5th DUI offense where he completed the ERP program.
A 6th offense DUI with a prison prior is an extremely serious crime. I'd contact a WI attorney immediately. Obviously...
6th Offense DUI
In Wisconsin Is a 6th DUI offenders still eligible to avail any programs even if he had completed his ERP program on his 5th offense?
Technically, there is nothing prohibiting him from doing the ERP program a 2nd time. However, preference will likely...
Is there probable cause for a stop?
Bartender calls police to report intoxicated person in bar, ask that no action be taken at that time however wants to notify police when person drives away. Police take no action at this time and suggest that bartender call them when this person leaves. Later the person leaves the bar, bartender calls the police and advises them this person has left and describes the auto and what direction the auto might be heading as the bartender knows this person. Police wait on side of road for this person to drive by then pulls the person over for "weaving within lane". Police issue DUI based on bartenders complaint. Did the officer have enough "probable cause" to make the stop? I have heard that weaving within your lane is not enough reason for stop however coupled with complaint I am not certain.
To clarify, an officer only needs "reasonable suspicion" to conduct a traffic stop, not "probable cause." Weaving...
A policeman gave me a dui, but droped me off at home. Is there a way to get out of this?
I was pulled over and the officer charged me with a dui, took me home to let me talk to my family, then he took me to get my blood taken, and then he dropped me off at home without taking me to jail. 3rd offense. Can I get out, because he didn't book me?