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What can i do if schohaire cps is not doing the right thing and tampering with drug tests?
cps has been in my life since January 2016 i was forced to plead guilty to neglect when there was absolutely no signs anywhere.. i was using marijuana in the beginning when this all started and did cocaine a few​ times.. my drus tests came up positive so they made me leave my house and go stay somewhere else so i wasn't around my kids... ive been attending new choices recovery center for almost 5-6 months now every week and ive been sober.. I was visiting my kids daily for 3 hrs... recently on Monday in court even though i have been on the right track they filed an article 10 against me leaving my kids in the custody of family... as of yesterday my cps worker called me and told me my drug test came back positive for thc and cocaine mind you I have been sober now for awhile and my tests at new choices prove it.. i think someone is messing with my tests at the lab... now im no longer to visit them at the house daily... all my visits with them have to be supervised at the scaap building... please help me
You should consider paying for your own drug test the same day as the DSS or the court tests.
Can you get a license in NYS if you have a warrant
Have a warrant in NYS want to get my license to make money to get a defense attorney is this possible?
That's a very bad plan. Take care of the warrant as soon as possible or face possible bail jumping charges and be in...
Eligibility for a conditional license.
I have 3 alcohol related offenses within the past 25 years. DWAI and two DWI's within 10 years (8 years apart) and I refused the chemical test once on the last DWI. The mandatory revocation period with DMV of 18 months is expired. I'm aware the DMV will likely deny me relicensing for an additional 5 years. All fines and fees have been paid. Am I eligible for at least a conditional license to drive to work with the interlock device?
Unfortunately, not. You will either be granted or denied. They should have a middle ground to at least grant...
I live in Schenectady, NY and my pistol permit was revoked, would I be able to apply for another one?
So my pistol permit was suspended November 2015, due to the police having a warrant to come in my home, my husband was charged with Possesion of narcotics, my pistol permit was suspended and I was given a chance to right a letter to the judge and request for the suspension to be lift, I did so and was told I will get a decision in the mail, well I never got the decision and so I called to inquire, I received a phone call today saying my permit was revoked in March 2016.
You should have received notice of a hearing to suspend your permit from the local court. You need to find out which...
Can you apply for a Motorcycle permit if your driving privileges have been revoked for DUI?
Apply for a Motorcycle permit.
Unfortunately for you, the simple answer is NO. If it were that easy, there would be many more motorcycle drivers in...
Problem Driver Restriction for multiple alcohol offenses in 25 years. Can you win a hardship case?
My License was suspended for 1 year and that time is up. I have completed treatment and probation has cleared me to apply for my license again. Will I be denied for 5 years or can you win a hardship case to be reinstated earlier than the 5 year period?
Yes. but it is discretionary. Even with a "permanent" revocation, the person may apply to receive their license back,...
Obtaining a hardship license from DMV in Schenectady County, NY.
Hello, My court ordered revocation is about to expire for a 2nd DWI within 10 years (7 years apart, I also had a DWAI 9 years apart from latest DWI). I refused the chemical test and paid all fines associated to the DMV. My probation officer tells me they will deny me for 5 more years. I have young school aged children, no bus or taxi service in my area and my job is over 20 miles from my house. Do I qualify for a hardship license? If not how do I go about qualifying to get some type of license to drive to work? Thanks.
Your probation officer is correct. Because you have 3 alcohol related driving offenses within 25 years and your current...