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  • Two arrested for stealing farm supplies

    Thursday | via 

    Two men in Delano were arrested Tuesday and booked in jail for possession of stolen farm supplies and a handgun. Kern County Sheriff's Office detectives investigated 20-year-old David Ramirez of Delano for possibly selling stolen farm supplies on a social media website, according to KCSO.


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What can my fiancée be looking at for a felony DUI/3 priors and also evading peace office and resisting arrest?
My fiancée had pulled over got out of the vehicle when police officers pointed guns at him telling him they were going to shoot when at no moment he did not resist they then took him to the hospital due to his injuries and left him there with a ticket charged him for evading peace officer and resisting arrest. Also impound the car for a fail to yield but month later add two more charges which still doesn't justify them taking the car with 2 different officers giving him tickets and throwing him at the hospital. What is he looking at?
The short answer is "It Depends". There are many different factors here that could affect the potential penalties....
I got a ticket for a suspended license on a pending dui. Can I be guilty for a suspended license without being with guilty 4du
I was under 21 in Santa Barbara CA at the time of this confrontation. The on sence breathalyzer test was ruled a violation of my constitutional rights. The breathalyzer in custody was ruled to be legal. We filed for an appeal. I mention the breathalyzer because this is what got my license suspended in the first place. I pledge not guilty for the suspended license, the court gave me a month to get things straighten out and said it would not give me more time than that.( I did wave my time in court).
Yes you can be found guilty, even if you beat the DUI. Hire a criminal defense attorney to get you out of this mess...
Whats the possibility of bringing my D.U.I down to a wet and reckless with a BAC of .11
I got pulled over right as i pulled out of the parking lot. I was told i swerved. When asked, I did tell the officer I had some drinks. I had no problem completing the sobriety test but was given the breathelizer test anyways. I then asked for a blood test before being taken in. it is my first offense. Never had any problems with the law. I did get an attorney but not sure if he's handling my case very well. What are the chances I can bring my DUI down to a wet and reckless?
It won't be reduced just because you hope that it will. You need an attorney to explain to the DA any weaknesses in...
What can I expect with a 2nd offense dui. I live in tn and got it in california.
Got hit and run. Was parked when cops found me. Was well over the limit at that point. A witness identified me. My first dui was 8 years ago in tn where I live. I barely hit a parked car. No injuries nobody was in the car.
I am going to change the category to DUI for you.
Hit an ambulance .received a dui
I was driving up the road . looked up seen the ambulance with lights on. I clipped the driver side front panel. minor damage. I pulled up the road and waited for police officer. Explained my side . blew in there blow device. and was charged with dui . they impounded my truck and I went to the station filled out paper work. Accident happened around 9pm and I was home by 11pm . please help me what do I do . It happened in kern county , California
There are many factors to consider when deciding how best to handle a DUI. You speak with a local attorney about the...
I feel as though a drug testing facility was negligent in collecting a hair follicle sample, can they be held liable?
I feel as though a drug testing facility was negligent in collecting a hair follicle sample, can they be held liable? The collector used a pair of common office scissors (like ones to cut paper ect) and left a visible bald spot. I am very upset and feel as if this collection could have been handled in a better manner.
Liable for what exactly? What damages have you suffered?? In short, probably not.
I need to see if we can clear my record of the class listed for me to take because I got time served and was incarcerated then.
I am having problems getting my drivers lisence because there is some class on my dmv record for a class that I could not complete because I was in custody at the time. I served 90 days for the offense although I blew a zero on the breath test. There were issues between the cop and I from previous experiences. I can go into later if you like. When I left Idaho where I was incarcerated, they said I was clear and did not have anything else to complete. There is no court order to take this class and you can not take it without a court order so I would not be able to take it anyway. Is there a way to remove this from my record so I may get my Drivers Liscence? I would appreciate any help concerning this matter. Every time I get ahold of some one who can help they see my record and let me go asap. I believe there are some messed up notes on my accounts both with the DMV and the police records that is making everyone leary of helping me. Again I got "Time Served" for that offense which was bunk anyway.. Thank you so much for you help. I drove truck for years and have driven all over the States. I would love to have my life back. I heard there are plans that can help me rehabilitate
Unfortunately, if you lost your DMV hearing and were convicted of a DUi you cannot reinstate your CA drivers license...