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If my fr-44 was cancelled when I thought I no longer needed it will the 3 years start over?
I had fr-44 for a dui and I carried it for 3 years and didn’t renew because I thought I was done now I got a suspension notice in the mail 3 weeks later. If they make me get my fr-44 reinstated will I have to carry it for another three years or until the date they now claim I needed it until which is a week away?
You owe DSHMV three children consecutive years of FR44 level insurance coverage. If you had it for a full three years,...
Is it possible to get a DUI case transferred from Washington to Florida?
5 yrs ago, a friend of mine received a DUI in the state of Washington, but had to move to Florida due to hardship and homelessness before the resolution of the case. His BAC was 0.077 upon arrest and the legal limit is 0.08. They didn't file charges until 7 months later. Is there a way to get it transferred from Washington to Florida so he does not lose his home, possessions and like of income? That way he can get it taken care of and it's no longer hanging over his head
Florida does not have jurisdiction over a Washington case. What he needs to do is hire a lawyer in Washington, and that...
Was hit by a woman charged with a dui and I am leasing. Best process for filing with insurance?
My wife and I are leasing a vehicle and we have the necessary insurance coverage for it. Last night I was hit by a women who was arrested and charged with a dui and I was told that I should seek legal advice before contacting my insurance in case they put up a fight. I don't foresee a fight because it's a cut and dry case but I want to make the best decision for my family. I did not need medical attention and turned it down at the scene. I took pictures at the scene as well. Thank you!
Report it to your insurance, and call the prosecutor to demand restitution
FL drivers license reinstated after DUI manslaughter?
In 2009 my husband was involved in a car accident resulting in a DUI manslaughter charge. His Fl license was permanently revoked roughly around September of 2010 along with his arrest date. His court date, in January, ended with adjudication withheld under specific terms which he completed in full. He has had no prior DUI's or any other infractions to date. When, if at all, will he be eligible to aquire his drivers license.
His lawyer must have done incredible work. In all the cases I have seen in the past if you plea to any type of dui...
A friend got a DUI from Arkansas. He moved to Florida before his court date.
He missed the court date and now he's just scared and not planning to go back to fix the charge and things. So he is planning to just a get a state a ID and start new can this even happen? How can he fix the current situation he doesn't want to go back to arkansas so is there anyway he can take care of it here in Florida? Charges where DWI, no proof of insurance and reckless driving first offence. And now the missed court date what can he do?
He needs to get an attorney in Arkansas! If he doesn't, he can never get a dl in Florida!
In 2008 I was charged with DUI w/ serious bodily injury. Will this still effect my right to vote?
I served my three years probation, community service and paid all of my monetary dues without a hiccup, and haven't had any run-ins with the law since.
DUI with serious bodily injury is a third degree felony in Florida. As such, if you were convicted of this charge then...
I recieved an DUI MISDORMIENOR / w/ a fleing to allude falony. I was r/r after 24hrs. Are my gun rights buy/sell suspended ?
served 6mos. probation. 1st DUI.
Is the case still open? Did you plead guilty? Many questions need answering before your question can be answered.