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Is penalty for chemical test refusal concurrent or consecutive to OWI (2nd)
I never refused chemical test. In fact i asked for it.
How recently were you arrested for OWI? There is a very short time limit in which to file to contest a refusal. You...
When do I have to enter a final plea for OWI.
I have first court date (not intake) very soon. I have not seen all of the evidence against me yet nor have I been advised of the potential penalties. Will I have to enter a final plea at the upcoming court date. Its is labeled as "Hearing". Nothing else. Very confusing.
It depends. Sometimes you're able to resolve a first offense at the initial appearance. If this is a second or...
Should I have independent lab re test Blood for BAC?
Breathalyzer = 0.187. Blood test = 0.26. That seems like big statistical difference. How much does it cost to have State send blood samples to independent lab for testing?
You should address these concerns with your attorney.
Are Alcohol BAC enhancers appicable to OWI (2nd) offense penalties. Only prior is 1st OWI
Also which statue applies to this
If you haven't already you can google your question and get the result of which Statute applies.
Can WCS and SCRAM monitoring plus AODA treatment prior to sentencing fullfil requirement for penalty under WI 346.65(2)(bm)
Charge is OWI 2nd
It depends what you interpret as "penalty." Regardless of treatment and compliance with WCS, the absolute mandatory...
I got an underage drinking ticket without admitting to drinking or giving a some sort of BAC test. Can i fight this and win?
i was at a party and it got busted by a neighbor so i was walking on the street. Police officers came over to me and 3 other people i was walking with and brethalized the three others but not me. I did not admit to drinking but was still issued a ticket and taken back to the station. They cant possibly have enough evidence to convict me of underage drinking in court can then? Also my mom called the police station and asked what I received a ticket for and they told her drinking. Im 18 years old, they cant give that information out can they?
Each state as you may imagine, has slightly different procedures with respect to underage drinking citations. Even when...
I'm 20 yr olds, got a underage drinking ticket without being breathalized, i have two priors from 2 yrs ago, how do i keep my DL
i was honest about both my age and whether i was drinking when the officer questioned me and my priors were when i was 17 and 18, should i plead innocent because i wasn't breathalized or no contest because i was cooperative and might get a break? whats the best way to keep my drivers license?
Please see my answer to a similar question at: