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  • Ex-mayor, ex-city manager of South Texas town convicted

    Monday Jun 26 | via The Brownsville Herald 

    The former mayor and former city manager of the South Texas town of Crystal City have been convicted on federal conspiracy, bribery, wire fraud and theft counts arising from a federal corruption probe. A federal court jury in Del Rio, Texas, returned its guilty verdicts Monday against former mayor Ricardo Lopez and former city manager and city attorney William James Jonas III.


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I failed a drug test on pretrial, my first. What will happen to me?
I was scheduled for my first drug test on pretrial. I went in with some fake pee. I got busted using it. I explained everything to my pretrial officer and he said I would go in front of judge in the morning. He said I could ask for drug treatment.
On "pretrial"? Is that pre-trial diversion or was this a term and condition of pre-trial release/bond? If this was...
Can the father of my children get deported on a second dwi????
He's currently in state in a federal prison he's been in the us over ten years working he has two us citizen kids with his x wife and he has a 9 month daughter with me and currently another on the way. This is his second dwi. What can I do for him?
You need immigration law counsel to try to help him. Consult immigration law counsel in Del Rio area.
I got a DUI in California and i have not receive a court date. Can i transfer my hearing to Del Rio Texas?
I moved to Del Rio Texas to be closer to my son he was diagnose with non Celia Gluten sensitivity disuses if not monitor it can lead to Celia disease a form of cancer in the lower interested. I help his mother by taking care of him and his sister. Helping with his diet and help her by taking my son to this doctor appointments when shes working. She a border patrol and works from 2pm till 12am so im taking care of them basically all day when shes at work. I also had my second interview at a good job here and might be called to work. I need this job because im still paying child support and pay my bills. there very strict about miss days.
The short answer is, "No." Texas does not have jurisdiction over a criminal charge in another state.
From Texas originally,got a dui in arizona,how do I get my license back? Clear in Texas,but az has hold.
Also got busted for driving without a license after the fact in az. Its been 7 years,az says I owe 5,000.
You answered your own question pay your fines in AZ
How long does it take to get a administrative license revocation hearing in Texas, arrested on July th 11th?
ALR was requested within the 15 days and was told that i would recieve a hearing date the in mail within four to six weeks. Called on 9-16-11 and still no hearing, its been 10 wks now.
DPS and State Office of Administrative Hearings are notoriously slow. Short answer is that there IS no telling how long...
License suspended with a DWI,But my offense was a DUI?
I got a letter saying that my alcohol level was .08 or more (DWI) but my offense was a DUI
In Texas, you are charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) if you are an adult (over 17). If you are under 17, then...
Will they deny me if I have a dismissed DWI?
My job is paying for me to get my notary. I have submitted payment, my application and I have a DWI that was dismissed, so I submitted that dismissal! I haven't received it and am scared they will deny me! Should I be worried or will I be okay? My record is very clean no tickets for anything just that DWI but I took care of it! It's been a nightmare..
If the DWI was dismissed, you should be fine. The third requirement to be a notary public in Texas is that you "Must...