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Is felony probation possible to be granted if I completed it two years ago for a different offense? 4th DUI, possible felony.
I was recently arrested a few weeks ago for my 4th DUI in 7 years. My BAC was .11%. I realize that this will most likely be charged as a felony with the current laws. I have not been to court yet and no charges have been filed yet. None of my other DUIs have ever included bodily injury or charged as a felony. However my second DUI I was charged with PC69 resisting arrest which I completed felony probation two years or so ago already. My 3rd DUI conviction was a VOP while on probation and i was convicted of it about 2.5 years ago. I was clean for about the last two years and relapsed , sure enough it here I am again. I attend 5 AA meetings a week currently, i am voluntarily going to start the SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet/house arrest, and i am considering a treatment program as well. This time around I can truly say I am done with this lifestyle and will do anything it takes to never go back. I have been gainfully employed for the last five years with the same employer and have a family to support. My question is, is it possible to get a second chance at probation if charged as a felony for this 4th DUI? Any recommendations so that the court would feel comfy with probation
Sorry to hear about this and it is good you are going to five AA's per week and thinking about SCRAM. I doubt you will...
With no information on any DUI in either states DMV records, am I safe to drive in California?
Got a DUI in California around this time two years ago, with an Alabama drivers license. Called about the status of my license, and they said it was never suspended and that there is no history of a DUI or suspension on my driving record. California DMV doesn't recognize my drivers license from Alabama, and my CA state ID(never got CA drivers license) has no record of any DUI or anything on it. I'm still in the process of doing the DUI classes in order to please the courts/get my license back. I understand that both of these states are part of the DLC, but neither one has any record of a suspension
Persons with valid drivers licenses may drive.....
Can I get the records for the machine so I can ensure the charges are accurate? Is it legal not keep calibration docs on file?
I received a dui a few months ago and according to the breathalyzer I blew a 0.18 I have court this month and would like to ensure that the breathalyzer they used had been properly calibrated and done so within the specified time. I have been told by a friend that the officer in charge of calibration does not keep on top of the calibration nor do they keep records/official documentation of the breathalyzer machines
This information is kept with the department of justice and can be obtained by your attorney either from the DA's...
When can I get a restricted license after a 3rd DUI followed by a driving without a license?
My friend got his 3rd dui (within 10 years) about 2 years ago in California. During that time he did get a Driving Without a License (DWL) in another county. He just started to take care of it (did 30 days jail time and 120 on the ankle monitor). However, after being put on the monitor, he went to his court hearing for the DWL and was told he needed to serve jail time the following month even though he still had another month on the monitor. He spoke with his attorney about finding a solution, but was only told that each county wasn't correlating with each other, and that if he went to jail (for the DWL offense), his ankle monitor would be cut off and he would have to restart his jail time for the original DUI. So he kept the monitor on and didn't go to jail. He's been paying the fine for the DWL, but what should he expect as punishment for not turning himself in? When will he be able to get a restricted license?
Please encourage your "friend" to visit the nearest DMV and ask them about his license.
What does a standard first DUI in Fresno entail? How much would I have to pay in fines? Do I have to do community service?
Install an IID? Work release? 3 or 5 years of probation? Thanks.
What is your meaning of "standard first?" Does the defendant have any prior convictions? Is there any problem legally...
What is the process of sealing a PC 647(F) (Drunk in public)?
I was booked, processed, and released. No charges filed. I understand i can file a petition for factual innocence to get it sealed. I'm sure it happens to a lot of people to be put in the drunk tank. Has any lawyers successfully gotten it sealed with the petition? What steps should be taken? Please advise.
if no charges were filed and you are clear of the statute of limitations you qualify. Yes they can be granted. Contact...
Can I fight my suspended license?
A few months ago I received an underage dui. Today my lawyer told me that the judge decided to drop the charges but my license is still suspended. I would like my license back because the dui cost me my enlistment contract with the air force and as long as my license is suspended the dui is on record keeping me from re enlisting. It also prevents me from getting employment while I'm here. I'm tired of mooching of my mom and not being able to do anything. Is it still possible to fight the suspension even though it's been several months since the dui? I'm in California by the way
DMV is a world of its own.If you had a DMV hearing or it you failed to request one within ten days of your arrest it is...