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I was an a car accident I take rx medications for the last five yrs for a blood test was taken without my consent never asked to
My day was normal my pain medication was taken at 1:00pm in the Afternoon for pain I worked all day as usual got out of work put gas and my car then continue to drive home while I was driving the car in front of me made a sudden stop,I was only going about 25. Miles per hr the traffic was slowing down but the car in front of me just stopped I tried to avoid him. I hit the car and the air bag open knock me out so when I woke up I was over two lanes over appositive side over a side walk . When I woke up the officer didn't read me my rights and asked me if I was drinking or doing drugs I said no I only take rx and my last pill was a percocet like I do everyday They ask me which hospital I mention the closest but I was taken to one that was more than an hr away.I was never asked to have a test
What is the question? Are you facing criminal charges?
Can you get a dui after a car accident ?
Met up with her friends for a get-together I had a few drinks. On my way home a man A crossed the street I swerved to avoid hitting him.crashed into a ditch police and emergency service came The police officer ask what happened and I told the my story. No no breathalyzer or tests were done the police officers gave me back my license back and was sent to the ER. When I arrived I did see one of the officers there. But the officers did not ask me further question and gave me the towing company info were my car was at.
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Can you get a dui after a single car accident ?
I was driving home after a get together with a few friends. On the way home a man ran across the street I surwived out of the way to avoid hitting him. I spin out and land in a ditch. Cops and emergency services came out I was sent to the ER. The cop did not give me any test and also he gave me back my license back. When I did arrived to the ER I did see one of the officers there but no further question was asked. He gave me the info of the towning company and that was that.
It is very difficult to prosecute a DUI case without a chemical test unless you refused to provide a test, in which...
Will my DUI charged be dismissed?
I was charged with DUI 22 years ago, but I never appeared in court. I'm pretty sure that the arresting officer is either in a retirement home or possibly even dead, he appeared in his late 50's at the time of the arrest. How hard would it be for the DA to prosecute a 22 year old DUI case. Should I wait another eight years to ensure the case gets dismissed? Will I also be charged with PC 1320 if I decide to turn myself in?
The passage of time makes prosecuting you difficult if not impossible, its likely that your case would be dismissed if...
Do I need to take DUI classes in CA in order to get DL in CA if I received DUI in AZ and already completed classes 10 years ago.
When living in both AZ and CA with AZ DL & CA CDL. I had a DUI in AZ in non commercial vehicle in Jan 2007. I completed classes, paid fines, etc.. All is good. Now 10 years later. I move to CA, go to DMV to get CA DL and they say I have to take DUI classes in CA seeing that I had a CDL in CA at the time of the DUI in AZ. My CDL has since expired and I no longer drive commercial vehicles. They also state that I will be under suspended DL for 3 months until I complete DUI classes in CA.. Doesn't make sense to me.
Unfortunately, if your CA license would have been subject to suspension when you picked up the DUI, you are subject to...
Will i be charged with a DUI?
I had an accident while slightly under the influence. I was given a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test where the officer shined a light into my eye and had me look sideways. The officer didn't mention whether i passed the test or not, but I was not taken to jail, and the officer did not attempt to administer any other tests. My car was towed, and he gave me a police report and told me to go home. He didn't mention anything about DUI or the sobriety test after administering the test. Do you think they could or will charge me with a DUI in this situation?
Since they administered a gaze nystagmus field test to you and you were released, it is not likely they will arrest you...
Can I smoke marijuana on felony probation for DUI?
There is nothing in the terms of my probation about marijuana. I have a card. Can I still smoke? It does say zero tolerance for alcohol
better check your terms of orobation more closely and speak with your attorney