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I was arrested for a DUI on january the 29th 2012. Will i need an ignition device if i want to get my license?
DUI arrest jan 29th 2012 license suspended February 2012
Call DMV and inquire what you'll need to do to get your license reinstated.
I was recently expunged of a dwi felony
I had a dwi felony 2nd and sub and got a deffered case completed my probation and got a expungment and I live in Texas can I serve on jury duty
If you had a deferred that was successfully completed and the case was dismissed, then you did not receive a conviction....
"How can I reinstate my OK license?"
I was given a deferred adjudication for a DUI on 9/12/13, license was revoked. As of June 1, 2015, all court ordered sentencing, probation, and costs and fees will be completed/paid in full.
You will need to contact the Department of Public Safety (Driver Improvement Department, I believe). Their office is...
I was arrested for possession of marijuana and plead not guilty and I'm on a deferred sentence for felony dui will i go to jail?
i got my second dui and got a deferred sentence but got arrested recently for posession and plead not guilty. My dui is now a felony since i got arrested again but i haven't had court yet, will i have to do jail time?
You need to ask your defense attorney. However, there is a good chance that you will do some jail time since you...
Missouri DUI Laws vs Oklahoma DUI Laws
OK has a APC (Actual Physical Control) law, Missouri does not. Can MO up the charge to a Driving while intoxicated and suspend my license? License from MO, charge picked up in OK. I was not driving at the time of arrest
You need to move this question from OK to MO.
Oklahoma. Probation for six months for misdemeanor possession. Violated that with a dui arrest five months in.
Convicted of possession. Probation was granted for the dui. Before my probation even started for the dui I got an arrest for apc and failure to appear for the apc case. Do I need to keep the same lawyer for all these cases?
It is your choice if counsel is retained and id weiwillwilling to step once more into the quagmire you keep throwing...
I got a DUI and blew .20
I'm 18 first offense not even a ticket before this it's filed in OKC okcpd was the arresting officals and I was wondering if there is anyway I can either get the probation and or interlock dropped or reduced I.e. Deal with the DA I need to figure out the best thing to do so that I do not get discharged
If you do not already have counsel, that is step 1. Get that done ASAP.