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This is my first DUI and given that if you have one you don't qualify for deferred action in the first place, now that I've been approved and have my license could it be taken away? Would I stand deportation if I were to plead guilty in court?
Is this an immigration question? Start again.
I was told that Friday counts as a day even though I get there at 6 pm. Just trying to tell family when I will be oht
You should try calling the jail to find out. In Colorado, where I practice, whether the first day counts can depend on...
In 2012 I recieved a DUI in WI, which was considered a 4th (others in IL early 90's) Right now we are looking at a trial date. Or taking a 3rd DUI plea with instant appeal.Before taking this plea, I need to know what this means for my IL license. I won the admin hearing due to ?'s on the blood draw. If I pled guilty would the DMV than revoke my license or wait till the suppression appeal is finished? Also I have alot of questions on my prior DUIs. 1 of them though the DMV report states conviction, I have a certified disposition from 92 saying case was SOL. than another disposition staying same case was dismissed. Is there anyway I can get this DUI off my record? If so can you help me or where would I go and do to do this?
If you enter a guilty plea on the third, they will automatically revoke your license for a period of time that depends...
I had hired an attorney to fight my DUI because there are many questions on the blood draw. She lost the suppression ruling.They are now offering me a plea but I am just not comfortable taking knowing I am innocent, so where do I go from here if I can not afford my lawyer. I am assuming they would give me a public defender. What exactly could the PD do?? Will he review my case for motions we didnt try, will he try to get his own plea or would it go straight to trial? And would we be able to file any "new evidence" material on the suppression motion since my lawyer hadnt included everything I had asked her to in the original motion?
Generally you get one motion to suppress. So anything your lawyer left out is gone. However, I have to assume that...
I live in IL yet was charged with a DUI in WI. They offered me an option to plead guilty with conditions to appeal and said all punishment would be on hold until appeal decision. My question is would IL honor this as well? I won the admin hearing here in IL so I still have a valid license. And though I do have a WI attorney handling the case, she states she only knows what WI will do. All the research I have found on line, makes it sound like IL does not honor conditional pleas. So what would that mean? Would IL take my license in the mean time or would they wait for the appeal decision? I really need to be sure before taking the plea.
It would take hours of legal research so hire an IL lawyer to represent you here. On Avvo we are prohibited from doing...
Hi, I recently received a DUI in WI and was charged with a 4th offense.My prior 3 were all in IL back in the early 90's.During my WI lawyers research, she learned 1 of them had 2 "Certified statements of disposition" 1 states "Stricken off with leave to reinstate" and the other indicates,2 years later that "the case was dismissed". The WI judge says this DUI was dismissed and can not be held against me and now has charged me with a 3rd offense. And he couldnt understand why it is still part of my IL DMV record as a conviction. Does anybody know why or how I can fix this? Also knowing a 4th will revoke my license for life here in IL. What if I moved to WI and got a license there during the proceedings. If for some reason the courts found me guilty, whose DMV penatly would I have to follow?
Most likely there is a statutory summary suspension associated with the DUI. Even though the DUI was dismissed the SSS...
Recently I got a DUI, my suspension ends in a few months. I got the DUI in cook county IL. The court didn't say anything about license suspension or revocation. It is my first DUI, I was in significant risk due to my BAC being high, I have completed the DUI classes, and working on my community service hours. The letter which I had got from the DMV (where i used to live before DuPage county) said suspension of 6 months which are about to get over in 2 weeks. Now i live in DeKalb county (didn't change address with DMV, should I, and how). After I pay my reinstatement fee would i require to have a SR-22? I don't even have a car anymore. If i do have to get a SR-22 how long do i have to maintain it? Since I don't have a car, should i wait some more time and get my license avoid SR-2
You don't have to get SR22 after a DUI suspension. However if you got an insurance ticket, that's different. Make...