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Will I get a DUI? Confused
I hit a parked car. I was slightly drunk, combined with getting used to a new medication (my psychiatrist told me not to drive the day after taking it, but I did). There was no damage to the car that I hit. I did a roadside sobriety test, but was super panicked and had a breakdown. They didn't arrest me or make me go to the hospital, just to call a friend. I was ultimately ticketed for careless driving and expired license . The thing I'm worried about is the court appearance is mandatory according to the ticket. Can I still be charged with a DUI?
Yes, it is still possible. From your post, it appears that you didn't take a blood or a breath test. This makes it...
I'm 17 and I got charged with my first DUI 0.05 and it's been my second hit and run what might I face in court?
I'm 17 and I got charged with my first DUI 0.05 and it's been my second hit and run what might I face in court?
2nd Hit and Run and you're 17???? Kid, maybe it's best to give up your license before you kill someone..... Well,...
How high are my chances of jail after a first time DUI?
I am facing a Dui charge and reckless driving. I crashed into a pole and the pole won. The pole has maybe a dent in it. My car is totaled and I was able to walk away with small scratches from the airbags going off. I bailed myself out and this is my first offense. My BAC was for sure at least .08. Is it possible to get a plea bargain at all? I have a disabled son. I can't go to jail and leave him for an extended period of time.
I've never has a client with circumstances as you've described, get an actual jail sentence.
What are the driving options for a 3rd or subsequent DUI conviction?
My husband obtained his 4th DUI in March of this year. He has accepted a plea bargain that entails of 60 days in jail, and 3 years of probation,some of which involves a drug/alcohol program. Upon completion,the charge won't be a felony on the record. As of now he has a valid license he obtained it post arrest. We know after the sentencing hearing the license will be suspended. He needs to work. How does getting at least a restricted license work? How can he have a DMV hearing while in jail? If he doesn't go to a hearing can he apply for a restricted license later? It's detrimental that he works after jail because I currently am not working. The DUI cost me my job because I had to care for the kids instead of work. I won't be able to work again until at least mid July. I'm just afraid he won't be able to drive at all. Help?
DMV will determine how and when he will be allowed to drive. More facts are needed to fully answer that question, like...
What is next? Does son need attorney? will attorney help his situation? He has plans to join Rotc this summer/college.
19 year old son hit curb and left vehichle to call for help. state patrol came and gave him dui ticket and sent to rehab overnight with breathalyzer. 09%. no blood test. Arapahoe County. do we need attorney? other than call DMV tomorrow, what next? will this affect any military affiliation? he plans Rotc this summer/college.
His best bet is to retain a criminal defense attorney to minimize the damage.
What is the difference between circumventing an ignition interlock device and tampering with one?
What is the exact definition of circumventing an ignition interlock and what is the exact definition of tampering with one? Is evasion of an interlock device the same thing as either of those?
i beleive circumventing is having someon else blow into the device where as tampering would be trying to take the...
What should I expect from a DMV interlock appeal hearing? And what information should I provide?
I received a letter from the Department of revenue stating that I could either reinstate my interlock Lease for another additional year or apply for an appeal. The reason being that I had 3 failed tests recorded in 3 out of 12 consecutive months. I have had several issues with my interlock with things ranging from windshield wiper fluid, makeup, vehicle maintenance setting it off. I have even gotten refunds from the interlock company for these lockouts. I have also gotten a fail where I wait the designated period and test again and pass. Will all of these be held against me or just the lockout periods?
No attorney via a online Q &A forum can tell you how to fight your case without looking at the evidence. Call a local...