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i already have the restricted licence and an interlock device instaled in my car but my case was dismissed in court i was found not guilty
The drivers license folks and the criminal courts are separate entities. The first is an administrative procedure that...
i when to court and the judge dismiss the dui case but my licence is still revoke is it posible to have that dui in my driving record?
Your driving record at the DMV will reflect any administrative action that the department has taken regarding your...
I got pulled over on suspicion of DUI. I passed FST, PBT, blew .000 BAC. I did have prescription ambien, but it was in the lower end of the therapeutic range. As of now, no conviction. I am worried about this affecting my military career.
Hire an attorney ASAP. You may be able to still do an independent blood test to quantify the amount of ambien in your...
I called Denver Health with a few questions about their consent form and DUI blood draws. I was under the impression that signing or not signing the consent form made a difference, but the lady I talked to says it doesn't matter - what matters is if DPD requests a blood draw and the person is receiving medical treatment they have to consent. This can't be right, can it?
I believe that you are right and the Denver Health person is wrong, IF the event dictating the draw is a standard DUI....
My probation is through RMOMS and i got my DUI in Arapahoe county. My PO told me i can stop calling the UA line after i drop my next one, and to meet her in a couple months. Will there be an exit UA?
I am not licensed to practice in Colorado, but from your question it appears that the meeting in a couple months may be...
I passed every test he had, but I take prescription Ambien. There was ambien in my blood, at the lower range of the therapuetic level (80 ng). I have been on ambien for close to a year. I did not hit any objects, I did not fly off the road, and I was completely coherent and alert. The officer though argues that I was driving under the influence, that is impaired. I do not think I was impaired. I was not stumbling, my words were not slurred, I was not 'sleep driving', and, given how long I've been on ambien, I've built up such a tolerance that 'impairment' would be a moving target. I was going over the speed limit. Still- I was completely coherent and cogent during the entire time. The hospital staff that observed me also corroborated this, as did my landlord that was awake and saw me
Hire an attorney if you want to fight the charge and have a chance to avoid a conviction.
I'm 15 and 5 months, I turn 15 and 6 months on January 20th. I was wondering if I could take the Awarness class early and then take my documents on my birthday and get my permit then
You should call or write to the Division of Motor Vehicles in you state for the answer to your question. Be Safe!