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I got my first dui this month what should I do
Bac was.18 I was upfront and polite with the officer I don't know what to do get all lawyer or please guilty
Do not walk into court and plead guilty. You have many options available to you that could keep this DUI off your...
I got a DUI in Georgia and now live in Alabama. What now?
Last year while a resident in Georgia I was accused of driving under the influence. I have since moved to Alabama. I do have a lawyer in Georgia trying to fight this case ,but if I do get accused of the DUI. What happens? Will I lose my license in GA? Alabama? Will Alabama penalize me for my DUI in Georgia? Obviously I lose my license in GA but what will Alabama do? The laws in Alabama are harsher than GA. Help!
The simple answer is the state of driver license issuance that was entered on the citation will be notified of the...
I was in a DUI with no license and a reckless driving incident. Trying to obtain the Police report and told I need a subpoena?
Question pretty much explains my dilemma. Why do I need a subpoena to get my own Police report? Also District court Judge Watkins denied me a Public Defender, and I am currently unemployed and have no way to afford my own attorney? I feel I need to view the Police report to know what I have been charged with. This incident was classified as a MVA?
When I represent a client facing a DUI charge in Ohio, I file a discovery demand pursuant to a local rule of criminal...
How can i get my drivers license back after having a drug charge and 3 driving while suspend
how can i get my drivers license back and how do i need to go about it because my suspend license is not up for year and half maybe two years
You are not eligible to obtain a valid driver license until you have served the entire license suspension period....
What should I do if I have a warrant for being in contempt of court for non compliance with my dui for removing my interlock?
I was convicted of a first offense dui and refused to blow. I completed all of my cro classes and got the interlock installed. However after 9 months I got it removed because my license was never suspended. I have my certificate of completion from my cro officer for my classes and all receipts where I paid for interlock for nine months but recently found out I had a warrant out for violating my cro. They said it was showing my interlock was on lockout since nov of 15. I went to the department of transportation several times and they said I couldn't get the interlock license until they were suspended and they never were. Can the judge dismiss this?
The judge has virtually unlimited discretion in determining sanctions for violations. Contact your lawyer immediately...
Will it hurt me to use a public defender on a first offence DUI?
I am an Alabama resident and was charged with DUI in Mississippi. This is my first offense. I don't plan to fight the DUI and just plea guilty. I have talked to a few lawyers in Mississippi and they seem like they don't want to fool with me. I was wondering if I could just use a public defender since its my first offence? Thank you
There are some very sharp public defenders out there, but the question always is: how much time and effort do they...
Is it legal for an officer out of his jurisdiction to pull u over and charge u with a DUI?
My car was overheating, so I pulled over to the side of the road to allow it to cool. While waiting I fell asleep in the car. An officer from another city saw me on the road side and pulled behind me and began to question me and eventually pulled me out of car to administer a field sobriety test. After the test the officer informed me that I was being held for a officer from the city I was in to arrive, and I was charged with DUI. Is this legal?
I believe in AL a city officer has jurisdiction in the county that they're employed in. Technically it sounds like the...