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What should I do about this bad situation?
I was driving a friends car, got in a wreck. I woke up and woke my friend up. My friend walked away from the accident. Nobody was seriously injured but stupid me panicked and left the scene too. We got back to the hotel muddy as could be. The police were already their because my other friend was there and it was her car. She didn't say anything to the cops. I Told everyone I was not driving and everyone went along with it nobody said anything. Even my friends insurance (I told them I was in the back seat and some other person was driving, that's why I flew forward and got scraches) so the police wouldn't have any evidence of me actually driving if they could use that against me. Even though they have suspicion I was driving because of the cuts I got on my face matched with the driver side and they put it in the police report. The case is still being investigated after about a month. My friend 3 weeks to a month after the crash today has told me she's going to press charges for a stolen car because her insurance wasn't going to pay for anything regardless of me driving. Bad situation gets worse and worse. Should I come clean right now? Should I stick to my story? Get a lawyer?
There is a lot going on here but you ended by asking three questions: (1) Should I come clean right now? You...
Why was my son was issued a citation for iowa code 123.47 possesion/purchase of alcohol by a person under the age of 18?
My son was stopped by a state trooper for taillights out. He blew .079 on his breathalyzer age 17, why was he charged with this charge when he had no alcohol on his person or in his vehicle? the officer said there was no alcohol to be found and he was not purchasing or attempting to purchase. Should the charge have been different?
I would have expected a charge of DUI, if he was not also charged with that.
I have a question. My son was issued a citation for iowa code 123.47 possesion/purchase of alcohol by a person under the age of
My son was issued a citation for iowa code 123.47 possesion/purchase of alcohol by a person under the age of 18.
Did you forget to ask the question that you have?
How can they require further testing when passed all impairment test?
Pulled over for a broken headlight, passed field sobriety test, nothing on breathalyzer, gave urine test, positive for thc.
How? They have the power to do that when there is probable cause, and many states have what are known as implied...
Can they seriously legally suspend my license now, because they overlooked it almost four years ago?
I just received a notice from the Iowa Department of Transportation stating that my license will be suspended for six months, starting this September. They state it is for a conviction in July of 2012. Can they legally do this??
It depends on what the conviction was for. If it's for a DWI or drug possession, then they probably can suspend your...
My question is.. Did he have legal rights too pull us over? And should we be charged for minor possession?
My friends and I are minors and had some alcohol on our breath. We were on our way home from a party and a cop started following us for 15 minutes. He then pulled us over for hugging the white fog line. (we never crossed it) Anyways.. He found open containers and 4 beers that were not opened. (the driver was not drinking)
A detailed analysis of the facts is necessary to determine if there was probable cause for the stop. That cannot be...
Does deferred judgement exist in Iowa?
Dui charge marijuana
Iowa does have deferred judgments and you should get an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you determine if...