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How can I get a certified copy of the disposition of on my DUI case from 2011?
In 2011, I was arrested and charged with a DUI which I was later amended to a Reckless Driving charge after hiring a private attorney. I am currently looking for new employment and know there may be background checks done. I received advice that it would be a good idea to get a copy of the disposition to provide to any potential employer who asks about the charge. Also is there a fee for a copy?
You will need to contact the clerk of court in the county where your case was pending. Most clerk's charge several...
How likely is it that I will be thrown back in jail after failing my first drug test on pretrial release?
I am charged with grand theft in Volusia County. I have no prior convictions but a pending misdemeanor for shoplifting. I have been battling with a drug addiction to opiates for years and after spending 5 days in jail i bonded out at $1000 under pretrial supervision. I enrolled in a methodone program at the local clinic to help me stop. It's been 2 weeks since my release, a week in the program and I slipped up. How likely will it be that the judge will put me back in jail for failing this first test?
We are lawyers not divinators or bookies, thus we don't quote odds. Still, were I a betting man then I'd wager that...
Why is Reckless Driving Not showing on my criminal background check instead of the DUI charge that was amended/dropped?
I just got accepted for a new job & was notified that there will be a criminal background check. Unfortunately, never thought to do one on myself & see the results, until now. 6 yrs ago I made a bad irresponsible decision & got arrested for a DUI. Which I got amended to a Reckless Driving charge after hiring an attorney. The background report I paid for shows my DUI charge & doesn't show that it was dropped. Wasn't that the whole point to hire a lawyer so that my records don't show DUI but a lesser charge like Reckless driving? How can I fix this on the report? Or explain to my potential new employer? They're a Non-profit organization for such a great cause too
No lawyer can tell you either how thoroughly some other person / entity will go in conducting a background check or...
Out Patient Treatment Center
a friend of mine in 63 years never had a bad thing on her Drivers License. In November 2016 she went out had 4 wines and could not remember how she ended up where she did, bumped car in front of her cause of slow time according to witnesses. Upon her arrest she never had her keys blew high and asked for blood test as shown on tape this was refused they stated she blew .167 no way after 4 wines she blew that much. She refused second blow cause she wanted blood test. Any way she attended DUI Class, Victim Awareness Class, 50 hours of community, 6 month probation. 1 yr license suspension. The Evaluator from DUI Class referred her to outpatient treatment center but was not court ordered. So is this to help her get her license or is this a punishment because the second blow was dropped in court and people want more money? Is out Patient Treatment Centers mandatory in Florida for all DUI's.
All I can say is this, 4 wines is a bottle or more, which is more than enough to put you at a .16%, especially if they'...
What kind of hardship would be considered to get a hardship license?
I have 4 DUIS over the period of 5 years. The last one was 4 years ago and I got them all in alabama while holding a florida license. If I would've had a alabama license it would already be able to be reinstated but since it's a florida license it's been revoked for life.
You will not be able to obtain a Florida license based upon your permanent revocation and cannot qualify for a hardship...
If i had a withheld adjudication on a dui and poss of cocaine in 2002 can i be denied a ccw
In 2002 i was stop by police and i didnt pass the sobriety test when they search me they found a bag with only residue of cocaine since then i have been a law abiding citizen . Thank you
Perhaps you can get a ccw. Have you tried? Check out this webpage:
My son got a dui while driving in fla, he is from ny. and wants to settle up with fla court system.
he wants to come to fla to make good . He has served time for this dui in the past
Your son should speak with a lawyer. It maybe possible for him to resolve this case without ever having to come back to...