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My bac was .251 when I got in a wreck involving only me will I be doing jail time?
Got in single car accident BAC .251
It depends on your criminal record and numerous other factors. Hire a lawyer for the best possible outcome.
What happen if my probation runs out and my whole fine not payed
Dui loud music
Although Georgia is outside my jurisdiction, many courts across the country will sustain a probation violation based on...
My probation is about to end and my fine is not paid in full what will happen
Dui loud music
You could get it revoked. Pay the fine. You have been given a second chance. Don't be foolish. Hire an attorney if...
Can you have 3 DUI charges on 1 arrest?
A friend of mine was arrested on a DUI charge. But his charges show 3 DUI charges so his bail is triple the amount. Is this possible? Is there anything we can do to get the bail reduced? BTW This is in Gwinnett County.
Is this a situation where your friend had several children in the car? Or is he just being charged with DUI in 3...
Can I beat this DUI charge?
I was pulled over in Georgia about 10:30 pm an unknown vehicle threw a beverage threw my driver window that i believe contained alcohal this causes me to swerve and had a slight bump with another vehicle where are mirrors touched the other party didn't stop and another driver reported it. about 3 miles down the road they stopped me and said I was in a hit and run incident they said I smelled like alcohol I told them I had two beers before I left NC at 10 am and informed them of the other driver tossing a drink in my car they offered me a breathlizer test which I refused unknowing that in GA that's an automatic DUI or I would have blown on the spot. they found 1 empty 12 ounce can in my vehicle but nowhere in the paperwork did I state an open container charge. I asked to blow when I got to the station 20 minutes later they said no. No tests were offered after the roadside test about 2 hours after the arrest I was bailed out they didn't take my license I am 27 with a spotless records what are my chances of beating these charges?
you should speak with a qualified attorney who practices DUI law and provide that attorney with the full version of...
If I don't have a 4th, does that apply to my husband as well since we both own the property?
In a DUI accountability court program, I waived my 4th amendment right.
Normally, any person with possessory rights can waive 4th amendment rights against warrantless searches. So, in...
Am i getting a DUI?
I got into a single car accident a couple days ago. Police asked if i had any alcohol. I told them i had a couple before dinner. Never tested me or arrested me. I was sent to the hospital due to an abnormally high heart rate. No police were there. No blood test was taken. Am i getting a dui?
On what basis would you think you were being charged with DUI? There is no driving, no physical tests, no breath test...