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I am on felony probation for aggravated DWI. I have had an intoxalock IID in my car for almost 3 months. I know no one will believe I wasn't drinking so I would like to know the penalty for failling a startup sample and then another a few minutes later, causing the car to go into lockout. I thoughy my car was then rendered undrivable, but remembered the repair shop driving it around in lockout when I had them put a new clutch in, so I tried to see if it would let me blow into the device again and it did, I passed but this was like over an hour later. I have to see my probation officer Monday anyway, is he going to already know this happened? I am going to tell him anyway, but I was just wondering if CST has already reported it.
You can be violated on your probation and then re-sentenced up to the maximum jail sentence to the crime you were...
In GA it is a misdemeanor for underage drinking. That's what I was told.
It is not a misdemeanor, it is governed by NY's Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. You may be summoned to court, but not...
also if i attempt to make pmt now, is it possible i would have jail time for not paying? also i wanted to add after all this time could there still be a warrant issued?
Contact an attorney and make arrangements to pay the fines. Yes there could be a warrant but an attorney needs a lot...
This is my first DWI arrest, I have no criminal history and a perfect driving record.
You need to speak with an experienced New Jersey DUI defense attorney to discuss the maximum penalty that you would...
I understand NY has a AGG-DWI charge. Will the NY DMV recognize my high BAC in NJ, and suspend my license according to NYS law?
NY will likely view it as a "common law" DWI. Assuming this is your first offense, your NY license will be revoked for...
what are the dates for refusal hearings for oneida county march, 2014
Call the clerk of the court (village, town or city court if its a misdemeanor DWI) where the charge is pending. When...
A family friend is a CO in town, and called in a favor to reduce the charge to a "Common Law" DWI. I am wondering if I should accept this deal (which means no jail time, but still remains the fine, misdemeanor, and being reduced to a conditional license for 6 months, and installation of ignition interlock in my car), or if I should hire an attorney to try to get it reduced further. I have no criminal record and no moving violations on my vehicle - this is the first legal trouble I have ever been in. I know I made a huge mistake and I know I have to pay for it, but I'm afraid of carrying this for the rest of my life and never being able to live my life the same again. I am only 26 years old and was planning on a career change soon.
A DWI is a serious offense. You should have an attorney represent you on this.