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  • Cops bust would-be john in Bethlehem Township hotel ...

    Tuesday Jul 25 | via 

    That transaction played out early Monday afternoon on a small video screen in the adjoining room, which was packed with township police and local press. An undercover police officer was next door, attempting to convince an older man with white hair that she'd give it up for the right offer, all the while trying to get enough information for a solicitation charge.


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  • Dealer caught packing ecstasy in school parking lot,...

    Wednesday Jul 19 | via 

    A Phillipsburg man was allegedly weighing and packaging drugs in the Hackettstown High School parking lot. A 25-year-old Phillipsburg man is accused of dealing drugs in the Hackettstown High School parking lot, where police say they caught him weighing and packaging ecstasy in a car.


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Deal Law

Can I get a DUI expunged?
I've been sober for 11 yrs but prior to that I received 4 DUIs. If Gov Christie signs Bill 3307 for expungement of drug offenses, since alcohol is considered a drug, would I be eligible for expungement?
Based on my brief review of the most recent draft of this legislation, there does not seem to be a provision for...
I too am a first offender and ordered to do the assessment. I'm panicking because i haven't drank in four months.?
Bac is not admittable that's how I got three months. Just nervous I have only three weeks till I get my license back. im 41 and first offense
Good job. Keep it up. Sounds like you're on the right track.
I need a pro bono lawyer in Monmouth county who serves criminal cases is there any ?
I fell asleep at a stop light the cop behind me gave me 2 dwis reckless driving two possession charges and something else to do with traffic. I need to fight this but I can't do it alone and all the lawyers I talked too expect thousands and thousands of dollars. I have a baby 5 months old I'm not working I get no help I just found out my husband is a pedophile and he's now in prison. I can't afford to pay that much, or lose my license for that long..
The pro bono lawyer is called the public defender you can apply for one at the courthouse.
I have I have a sister that was arrested years ago lost her driving privileges for 10 years third time DUI in New Jersey we wer?
I have a younger sister who was arrested three times for DUI what's the license for 10 years she started using drugs we got her into the hospital and she had bought two needles and crack cocaine into the hospital while we were waiting to get her into a rehab she was given a citation at the hospital for the illegal drugs what's going to happen to HUD driving privileges now when she goes to court
If she is found guilty of the possession of the crack she will probably lose her drivers license again unless she can...
Will so be mandated to take drug test for DYFS through my psychiarist?
My hubs got two and assault with vehicle charge. Persons whom we affected called DYFS in retaliation. My hubs is taking their substance abuse/urinalysis evals; will I as his wife be mandated to take drug test?
That is up to the division. They act in the interest of the children. I cannot understand your post fully.
My son got a dui in kutztown pa and he is underage how will it affect his nj liscense
Did not officially get charge yet waiting on bac
if he was drinking don't wait and hire him a good PA DWI/DUI lawyer now. The sooner you hire a good lawyer the more...
Can I sue Dexcom for this?
My son is 5, a type 1 diabetic. Please google type 1 diabetes BEFORE responding if you don't know what it is.. it's nothing like type2 . That being said he uses a continuous glucose monitor (made by dexcom) they had a class 1 recall for the monitors speaker not alerting, which intern would cause a severe low or high blood sugar unnoticed. So death.. I have since returned that receiver or a exchange of a new receiver within recall guidelines. Since then I have returned 4 more, not part of the recall, and now for the 5th time!!! My son spent the entire day in the ER hooked up to and iv being poked am tested numerous times to prevent a diabetic coma because he woke so high because the dexcom never alerted us in the night... which is it's main function !! Of course they replace free of charge now a 5th time.. but now I'm more then angry because this kind of tragedy could have been prevented which is the entire purpose of the Device to begin with! Do I have a case?
I would think you might find an attorney to do something, but a class action sounds more like the way it would go. He...