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In Wisconsin for your 4th owl but 3 were from 10 plus years whats the max
Stressed out over grand kids getting into legal trouble and running away
Don't run away. The maximum is a year in jail. While possible, that is not the most likely penalty. You need to be...
Can you drive in California with a Wisconsin occupational license?
My husband has an occupational license because he received his 1st OWI. He needs to travel to California for work, will his Wisconsin occupational be valid for him to rent a car/drive to appointments? Thank you!
Did you post this to any California attorneys? I'd recommend you contact someone located in CA.
I'm wondering if I should plead no contest or not guilty to my owi?
I was charged with an OWI and it's my first. I'm hoping to get my charge lightened if possible as I do not drink and drive, nor do i hardly drink. I really need some advice!!
You should definitely plead not guilty, not no contest. If you plead no contest the judge will find you guilty. There...
Im from wisconsin and i recieved a OWI because the officer believed i was high on pot. said ticket would be mailed 9 mths later?
me and my buddy were heading out of town so he had some pot with he decides to smoke a joint down the busiest highway i was caught doing 12 over and pulled over immediately. the car was pouring smoke out. the state patrol officer smelled it and he asks where the pot it is and i didnt know. the cop says were you smoking and all i said was i did 5 hours earlier and he says your under arrest for owi. i was no where near being high. i know its against the law. he did not read me my rights until the time i left the . so my buddy gets arrested for possession and paraphernalia. he goes to the jail.. i go to the hospital. he did not read me my rights until the time i left the hospital. no mugshot no thumbprint just a blood test that he said will take 9 months. theres more i cant fit.
The delay is related to to a backlog in processing blood tests for drugs. A first offense is not a crime in WI, so...
I don't know if I am getting an underage drinking ticket. Gave my info.they checked my alcohol level & told me to go home.
I was over .10 when they checked my alcohol level so I figured I would get a ticket. The other two people with me were told they were getting tickets, but they never said that to me & just told me to go home. I am really confused. Is it normal to send the citation in the mail and not tell me if I am getting ticketed. This was in De Pere, WI. If I do get a citation what are my options. I am afraid to have this on my permanent record for future job prospects.
Yes, the police may mail a ticket to you. Technically, you can be charged years later; although practically, the more...
Can an OWI charge be later changed to OWI-with injury if the victim wasn't showing signs of injury at accident but dose later?
Im being charged with an OWI accident that involved my vehicle parked on the side of the road while I was asking people down the block for directions, the victim swerved to avoid hitting my car as he passed. He went into a ditch, police came did a report and stated he didn't have any injuries. I've been talking to my insurance claim rep and she stated he haven't filed a medical claim yet... It's been a month though. if he dose file one, can I be recharged with owi-with injury before court date or even after trial? In Wisconsin, the injury has to be a substantial injury to be charged.
Yes, your OWI charges could be upgraded to injury-OWI charges if the victim of the accident later reports an injury....
Criminal OAR case keeps getting continued???
OWI conviction in 2014. Fine is not paid, alcohol class not taken, so driver's license is revoked & suspended. Pulled over in February 2015, received OAR charge (criminal). Now the case continues to get pushed off to allow for defendant to get a valid license. Defendant continuously drivers without a license... Why does it keep getting continued??
It would appear that you have answered your own question. Apparently the prosecutor feels that getting the accused into...