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  • Humble man charged with murder in former football st...

    Dec 18, 2017 | via Chron 

    A Humble man was charged with murder after police say he gunned down a former high school football star during a dispute at a party near Lake Houston. Isaiah Kain Salas-Martinez was arrested early Sunday after Cole Harrell's slaying at a home near Waterside View and Catherine Bay in the Summerwood area.


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Dayton Law

Can I be charged with DUI ,if I was released for lack of probable cause?
Another driver called the police and claimed I was driving erractally. I was pulled over,arrested and submitted to a blood test I saw the magistrate the next morning and was released because he said there was no problical cause for arrest No alcohol involved and the technition told the police officer that she was only able to draw about half of the amount of blood. He replied ok What does this mean?
It means you might have a second chance to eventually keep your license. Still, hire a good local attorney and defend...
Can a conviction on a misdemeanor DUI be altered?
I was convicted on a 1st offense DUI in Liberty, Texas on November 10th, 2016. I was sentenced to the usual, fine, probation, community service. The problem... I have another DUI in a different state from 1995. The 1st offense was not discovered in the current case. If the court were to become aware of the 1st offense, can they overturn the current conviction?
No, the deal is done. Consider yourself to have escaped harsher prosecution.
If I do not go to court in NC for DUI#2, will it effect me in TX?
I have 1 court date left in Oct. and my attorney has told me because I cant do supervised probation there because I do not live there that I will more than likely have to spend a month in jail. I have a great job here in TX and will lose it if I go to jail for a month. If I just dont take care of it and never go back to NC again, will it effect me here in TX?
Depends on whether NC will pursue the charge in other states. They could put a warrant out for your arrest nationwide...
2nd DWI without taking blood or breath after giving verbal consent.
I was arrested November 4, 2017 for my 2nd DWI in Cleveland, TX. I gave the officer verbal consent many times that she can take my blood or breath after her asking. When she tried to do it, her blood kit was expired and when we got to the station she didn’t bother giving me one there either. 30 minutes prior I was pulled over and that officer didn’t have a problem so not sure why she arrested me. My bond was set at 10,000 and my wife bailed me out as soon as Cleveland Pd set my bail on the 5th. I have an ALR hearing and she told DPS that I refused but I have my temp permit and it says I didn’t. It’s signed with her signature and badge number. What do I do?
Give the receipt to your lawyer and allow him or her to handle the matter. In addition, AFTER the case is finished you...
Can i sue a drunk driver and for how much
i was in a hit and run accdent
Yes -- for as much as you deserve. Talk to a personal injury attorney pronto to make sure you maximize any recovery to...
Took a breath test blow a 0.079 came up on digital read out. officer looked down and said thats not you and pushed some buttons
and said I blow 0.095 and 0.089 second time can he change these numbers?
No. The machine records every sample that goes through it. The operator does not have the capability to manipulate this...
I called the police on my neighbor and he was severely drunk. They arrested him and he is 19. How long will he be in jail?
I live in Texas and I researched public intoxication (which is what he is charged with) and it said he will be in Jail for 4-12 hours and $160.00 fine. He has been in jail for about 2 days, it happened at 11:30pm on New Years Eve and its now 1:30pm on January 2. Why is he still in jail?
There are many possible reasons your 19 year old neighbor remains in jail. Just guessing, he may not have been able to...