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Detective want me to take A polygraph test. Is it obvious they don't have enough evidence for an arrest?
I'm being accused of sleeping with A minor
May I suggest that you should be speaking directly with an attorney right now. There is potential here for you to face...
Prove residency change from 2013 after moving from CA to OH and receiving a DUI in OH
I Moved from CA to OH, I received a DUI in OH, had my license suspended and CA has a block on my old CA license due to them not believing i live in Ohio. I am no cleared and able to get my license in Ohio however, CA will not release the block. What do i need to do? They say they will not remove the block unless I prove residency even though I have not lived in CA for 4 years and do not want to wait the 6 weeks for them to send me documents for proof of residency.
Contact a traffic attorney in California.
What are the Ohio state laws for driving underage intoxicated people?
I am 19 and so are my 3 friends. If I stay sober all night but my 3 friends get drunk and I drive them home, am I doing something illegal? Someone told me it was illegal to drive around intoxicated minors, even if I'm sober and there's no open containers in my vehicle.
In theory, I suppose you could be considered complicit in their behavior because you would be knowing facilitating by...
Can a field sobriety test be tossed out of court if it was given on a surface that was not level?
Field sobriety
Yes. Absolutely. I have had tests thrown out for this reason and others. You need to hire a lawyer.
Why have I charged with OVI, despite testing considerably lower than the legal limit?
There are two charges listed on the citation: Expired Registration and OVI. Stop was initiated after officer changed lanes behind me and ran my plates. Distance from the point that he maneuvered behind me to the stop is 926 feet. I had one extremely intoxicated passenger. I had one beer 1.5 hours prior to stop. I politely refused FST. Knowing that I would test under, I agreed to give a non-portable breathalyzer. I blew a .056, but was still charged with OVI. How is this? The officer hadn't observed any erratic driving to justify that I was impaired, and I broke no laws at all other than the Expired Registration. I get why he stopped me, and why I was cited for the registration, but the OVI leaves me at a loss.
It is a sad fact that anyone can be charged with anything. However, that does not mean that they are guilty of the...
Out of state license Illinois dui conviction ?
I have Ohio license and plead guilty in Illinois. I read from answers posts that I will be suspended in Ohio for sometime. Will I ever be able to be reinstated after suspension. Or will I be put on hold until I'm lifted in Illinois. The Illinois revocation is 1 year but I hear that Illinois has a process that could be 3 years for reinstatement.
In Illinois, if you received court supervision on the DUI, then there would be no revocation to your Illinois driver's...
I used clonazepam and it made me intoxicated 3 days later and I didn't know I was going to be not able to drive car properly
three days later so I got OVI with blood for clonazepam do I have a chance to argue that I only thought I was gonna feel it for a couple of hours I didn't use anything in between
I am not licensed in Ohio, but my answer is based on California law, where I am licensed. The answer would be no. It...