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Out of state license Illinois dui conviction ?
I have Ohio license and plead guilty in Illinois. I read from answers posts that I will be suspended in Ohio for sometime. Will I ever be able to be reinstated after suspension. Or will I be put on hold until I'm lifted in Illinois. The Illinois revocation is 1 year but I hear that Illinois has a process that could be 3 years for reinstatement.
In Illinois, if you received court supervision on the DUI, then there would be no revocation to your Illinois driver's...
How long is a Ohio license suspension?
I currently live in Ohio. I plead guilty on a dui in Illinois. I will receive a revocation in illinois. What are the procedures that follow with the Ohio motor vehicles. I am hearing that a full license reinstatement is 1-3 years in Illinois. How long am I suspended under Ohio. Thanks
If your driver's license was issued by the State of Ohio and you were convicted of DUI in Illinois, the Ohio Bureau of...
I used clonazepam and it made me intoxicated 3 days later and I didn't know I was going to be not able to drive car properly
three days later so I got OVI with blood for clonazepam do I have a chance to argue that I only thought I was gonna feel it for a couple of hours I didn't use anything in between
I am not licensed in Ohio, but my answer is based on California law, where I am licensed. The answer would be no. It...
I got a DUI case that is closed i haven't did any of the required conditions they ask me to do is the case actually done?
due to no employment i couldn't do what the court ordered which i got last year 2014 am i able to go get another license ?
If you didn't perform any of the conditions Ordered by the court then NOthe case is not closed and NO you can't get a...
OVI Case.....Possible dismissal ? I got pulled over leaving a bar around 2:30am. There was a city cop in the parking lot of bar
When I left the bar I had a friend following me in a car. We went about 2 miles down the road and then entered the highway. Never once was there a cop behind me or the person that was following me. The person that was following me said they saw the SHP guy enter the highway about a quarter mile behind her. Then he sped to catch up to us and ended up cutting her off to pull me over. The SHP officer asked me if I knew the people in the car behind me bc they were following close behind. I just said nope to not cause other problems. After that he told me he saw me "cross the white line" and thats why he pulled me over. But he was never behind me? can I request the video/radio footage and fight this?
If the car is equipped with a dash cam, the video can usually be recovered and used to determine the accuracy of the...
What are the chances of getting primary/sole custody of my son after his mother received her second DUI in 3 years?
We currently have an arrangement outside of the court system for shared custody. She was just charged with a second DUI in a 3 year span. The first offense resulted in a 10 day stint in jail. This second offense is likely to be the same, due to the charges being reduced to a low tier DUI. Some combination of jail, counseling, house arrest. I am a stable father, with no criminal record who has kept the same job for over 10 years.
The legal standard for determining custody is "the best interests of the child." The court can look at many factors...
What to do for an Underage drinking citation in Oakwood Ohio
I was charged with a minor misdemeanor in Oakwood, Ohio for underage drinking. The citation allows me to pay a fine. Is there any way I can enter into a diversion program to get the charge dropped and how do I go about doing that? If I just pay the fine, will it go on my record and if so could I get it expunged?
Underage consumption (Drinking) is usually a misdemeanor of the 1st degree (M-1). Are you sure this is a pay out...