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Can I travel to Canada if I got DUI some months after successfully getting Canadian visitor's visa?
I got Canadian visa in March and then got DUI sentence in August and served the requirements. Do I still go ahead and travel ? or should I start a new visa application or TRP ? Thanks.
No you probably won’t get in. First, fight the DWI if you still have that opportunity. Second, yes TRP may be the...
How can I avoid getting a misdemeanor charge on my criminal record?
I was given a citation for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia in public. All I had was a grinder in the car but no drugs. I looked up the MN statue for drug paraphernalia and in152.092 it’s say any violation of possession or use of drug paraphernalia is a petty misdemeanor. Why did the officer cite me for a misdemeanor when it should’ve been a pm? Also first time offender so any chance I can get this diverted/dismissed without having it on my record?
You have basically answered your own question. Since it is your first offense and you want to keep your record clean...
How can the dmv require an ignition interlock program when the third driving offense was not for alcohol?
My son was sleeping in his car and arrested for dui and blood was taken 6/2/17, he was released after 2 days, he was taking perscription medication for ADHD and anxiety at the time, he has not been charged or gone to court for this incident, he was pulled over for speeding and found out his license is revoked and he has been labled IPS and the dmv says he needs the ignition interlock on his vehicle to get a license back, I looked at his BCA record online and he has a careless driving in 2009 and a DUI conviction in 2011, but the dmv is saying he has 3 alcohol related arrests so he needs the ignition interlock, the last offense was for presence of perscribed drugs but not having been charged in criminal court my son did not request administrative review, and he was in jail and treatment since 7/8/17 on a probation violation resulting from a different issue and did not receive a notice from dmv that his license was revoked, he has called the court Dec 8 17 to ask if he had a court date or is being charged for the 6/2/17 arrest and was told nothing is scheduled, I am wondering how an ignition interlock can detect perscribed meds since that is what was detected in his blood sample.
You can check on the FAQ section of your state DMV website for a quick answer as to why. I would speak with an...
WWill a dui i got in Oregon 6 years ago affect tge outcome of an OWI charge recently received ?
I just received an owi in Iowa. I have a past dui from Oregon. It was 6 years ago.
You really need to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Iowa for advice on this. Good luck!
My daughter was charged with a minor - does that downgrade to a petty misdemeanor once citation is paid?
My daughter was charged with a minor. I have been reading that they are initally charged with a misdemeanor but once the ticket is paid, it is reduced to a petty misdemeanor. Is this still a true statement at this time?
Yes. But the distinction between misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor isn’t what is important. Your daughter should shoot...
How long does it take to get your first court date for a dui?
It's only been 6 days since I got arrested just curious how long it takes to get a actual court date in the mail. I got booked and released with no ticket or court date
Most people will see a court date come in the mail within 1-3 weeks. Technically the prosecution has a 3-year window...
I'm on H1B, Am I required to inform my employer about DUI ?
H1b started October 2016. DUI arrest April 2017, convicted September 2017 for 4th degree and served the requirements. Am I required to inform my employer ? If I inform my company's law firm (they filed the h1b), are they required to inform my company ? Finally, would like to know any possible consequences of traveling out to stamp the visa. Pardon my multiple questions but they're all related so i'm just breaking it down. Thanks!
This question should first be answered by looking at your employee manual. Yes, most law firms have 'dual...