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What are the elements for a dui stop?
is there legal ground for 911 caller to assume a driver is under the influence in a parked car without seeing him drive...can you please answer both questions
Those are very fact specific questions. It may not even be considered a DUI stop. It may be first tier encounter which...
Hi, This is my second DUI in 2 years. Would my license be suspended and Will I go to jail? What if i get a good attorney?
What if i get a good attorney and pay more fees to hire a attorney. Would that help in anyway to win my case or help in ALS hearing??
YES! Your license will be suspended and you likely will be facing jail time. And YES, you need to hire an attorney ASAP,...
DUI probation violation
My husband had got a dui a year back. He missed going to his p.o last month but went on Friday to show proof of finishing dui school. But his p.o said it never went through the system through the dui school so there was a warrent for his arrest. When do you think he'll be able to see a judge and will he do time. He has no bond. Thank you
He should have an attorney go in front of the judge and have the warrant recalled based on the state's clerical error....
I received a dui in the state of Georgia in 2011. I have chronic migraine and all test came back negative except field sobriety.
The migraines mimicking seizures, I know what's going on but cannot speak clearly, it is jumbled and cannot walk on my own. My blood, urine and breathalyzer were all negative and Douglas Co. Court still prosecuted me for dui. The attorney never tried to have it dropped and told me a jury trial would cost me approx. 15,000.00. I could not afford this even with records from my neurologist supporting my condition I still had to plead guilty to dui . Now I am uninsurable. Is there a remedy to my situation.
If you plead to the DUI back in 2011, there is no remedy. The time has passed to withdraw your plea and to file a...
How reliable can a 911 caller be if no mention of dui,co name,number,if vehicle was parked
is 911 operater required to ask these questions for officers in the field
Good question - how reliable can they be... What three questions? Asker, re-read what you wrote, it doesn't make...
In the state of Georgia is there anyway to reduce A DUI charge or to have it removed for a first time offender?
I was in a car accident, I was hit by a drunk driver, When I came to I had no bruises on me. I found out that the other driver was the cause of the accident and was completely wrong for the accident. The Cop that helped me from the car asked if I was okay. I told him I was. He then asked if I would consent to a sobriety test which I consented. After the test I asked him had I passed or failed the test, which he wouldn't respond. he then proceeded to put handcuffs on me. I then asked again had I failed the test while in the police car and asked why was I being arrested and He didn't respond. while in custody they asked me to do a breathalyzer test and I consented. My test result was .138. which shown I also was drunk as well during the accident. this is my first offense.
First offender is unavailable to people charged with DUI. There are ways to get DUIs reduced and/or to beat DUI...
Is there any way to get a court hearing moving faster due to personal family matters occuring
I was given a dui back in may in a different county than where I live, and according to my attorney we have not even recieved the states "evidence kit"yet. I am the sole caregiver for my mother and her condition is worsening. I need to know what im facing since there is no one else to care for my mom. I have never been in trouble before so I am astounded at the length of time resolve of my case is taking. I was also wondering if I made a mistake in choosing an attorney in their county instead of mine
This is a matter you should discuss with your attorney. Justice is a slow process. There are ways you can speed it up,...