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What's the Military DUI process?
My neighbor and my self left my house last month going to the shoppette on post. Once we got there the MPs rolled up talked with us and arrested us bout for DUI. My neighbor was driving and the MPs told us once they reviewed the cameras they would charge us. I still haven't heard anything but my CO is saying that I'm being charged with it, his not in the military so I think it's easier to charge me I guess. I haven't recieved a court date or heard anything back from the MPs about the charge also I was never read any UCMJ rights
The process is that you get representation to fight it
What's the statue of limitations on hv Dui's?
I now live in California but Georgia still has a hold on my license.. they are making me jump through more loops even though I've completed Dui court, dui class, clinical evaluation, community service, jail time, paid fines, etc, etc but bc the Dui class certificate was taken 4 days to early they wouldn't accept plus now say I have to provide original certificates and not the copies I have.. most of originals the schools are closed as well.. I live in cali so makes it even harder.. my hv 5 year suspension is in march but my license has been suspended for 7 years total.. is there a statue of limitations that set in for my case to where maybe one day Georgia will just drop the hold on my license? I would be willing to hire someone so they can just get all the legal stuff handled so when march 17th comes I can just walk into the California DMV and get my license reinstated.. thanks for any advice [email protected]
Your question is somewhat confusing. There is not a SOL issues, but perhaps a problem with paperwork, probation, or the...
I got charged with a dui in savannah ga on 5/8/2015. the county court transferred my dui to state do to case load and wasnt seen with a bench trial until 6/15/2016, they then scheduled me for a PRETRIAL CONFERENCE on 10/13/2016, due to the hurricane - the courts were closed and rescheduled my case to 1/19/2017, now they have scheduled a bench trial for 5/15/2017. which is 2 years and 9 days after the incident. does this serve as grounds to drop the charges? please advise ! thank you :)
No, you don't have a statute of limitations defense here. You might have some great other defenses and/or legal...
What are the Penalties for DUI ?
Hello , I have been pulled over for driving less than the speed of minimum speed limit and eventually got caught for DUI. I am on a F1 visa. Could someone let me know the penalties for DUI and will I be deported back to my country. This is the first offence on my license history. how do i proceed with the case?
You need to hire an attorney ASAP. The management of your case and its disposition are important. Not to mention that...
Can I get an alcohol permit if I have a dui on my record.
I have a DUI on my record from 2 years ago, I'm now getting another job serving alcohol and have to have a alcohol permit. Will I be able to get one?
Generally, alcoholic beverage server permit won't be granted to any persons who have been convicted under any federal,...
DA wants DUI charge with no evidence.
I was involved in a single car crash in Fulton County. Cop showed up and asked me to step out of the car. By that time EMT's showed up and took me to Grady. I was eventually taken to jail. Now come the court case. The prosecutor has no actual evidence, even the tests the hospital performed, but he wants to charge me with a DUI. I know its the states burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt I am guilty. Should I take a plea or take it to trial?
Without seeing the discovery and evidence no attorney should give you advice on trial. However; if the state does not...
Dui in NC but live in GA. Lisence suspended for 3 yrs in NC, can I get a work permit in GA?
My lisence is suspended for 3 years there but I live in GA. Is there a way I can get a work permit here? I am in Rehab in Athens GA and getting my life together. Have a great paying job. The dui I is from 2014. I haven't gotten a dui since.
Not without getting a clearance from North Carolina.