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DUI then arrested for domestic violence will bond be able to be posted in order to get out?
If my boyfriend got a DUI months ago and has still not went to court for it but recently got arrested for domestic abuse will he be able to be bonded out or will they hold him and make him serve time without a bond?
The short answer is a bond is a financial obligation to post money to ensure the individual returns and appears for all...
Dui 2nd dismissed then reopened by new prosecutor
my case was dropped case closed 2 months ago now i get a letter in the mail recharging me with the same charges i didnt get my license taken away that night my first lawyer said that the officer and pros didnt want to go to trial so he dropped it without prejudice and now david layton reopened and filed it again wondering why haven drank or been in any trouble also he is using the penal code 257.265 which states if i have had 3 or more drunk driving tickets in 10 yrs i am wondering why do this
To answer this question would require a lot more facts than we currently know. Only the prosecutor and his superior can...
My restricted license expires this month. My license was restricted for a year with the interlock on it. Do they send me anythin
I'm on interlock for a year and my restricted license expires this month. What do I do?
The Secretary of State will not send you anything. You will have to go to a Secretary of State office to initiate the...
Does JAMS just test on site or do they send it out to the labs also. Or do they only send the test to a lab if positive
The jams I go to never tell me if i tested positive for anything after taking the drug screen. Is it because they don't do it on site? And send them to labs? Or do they do both. Or do they only send positive panel test to labs
Your questions aren't legal questions. Take it up with JAMS.
Can you sue JAMS, and the county for falsifying my test results in Macomb Michigan?
I was on probation, I was almost off probation. I do not use marijuana at all in any form, my case was based on marijuana only because I was a caregiver at that time. Any medications I took I had scripts for. All of a sudden 6 months before I was due to get off probation they tell me I had a positive test for marijuana which I knew was impossible. They put me in a jail cell, took me handcuffed and chains on my feet to court where I plead not guilty, i had to hire a public defender who handled my case, I had a hair follicle test done to prove I was innocent. After court the lawyer gave me all the paperwork, long and behold I realize the day they say I was to be positive the urine came from a totally different testing place I never go to on a day I was not scheduled to go in, I had just tested the day before and just after the day in question and was negative. They had no choice but to throw the case out and trust me when I say the judge was not happy. But this paperwork proves they do alter your tests. Kroll lab/ Allure lab is known for this in New York over a huge law suit there, but can we also sue in the state of Michigan as well? I know about 12 others in same boat.
First, you do not hire public defenders. Secondly, you do not have a lawsuit against the State of Michigan unless you...
Am I able to obtain a registered nursing license in the state of Michigan with a dui and retail fraud under $10 on my record?
I am currently finishing my pre nursing classes and I'm about to apply but I am nervous I won't get accepted because of my record...I was 20 years old when these things happened I am 29 now with a family...can they deny me even though neither of these were a felony nor a violent criminal crime...
You cannot get rid of a Dui, but the retail fraud should be eligible for expungement. Check with a local attorney...
Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite me from Michigan for a DUI
Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite me from Michigan for a DUI
Probably not, they will find you guilty if you fail to appear, forfeit your bond, fine and sentence your, place a...