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When you get sentenced to prison for dwi does it get cut in half after u get processed into prison?
My husband was sentenced a few days ago for his fourth dwi. But it's been 8 yrs since his last one . He had been asking for a public defender everytime he went to court because he has a back diseases an has applied for disability he has no work at all. He's been given pd before in the county we live in but the judge just kept refusing to give him a pd. so they locked him up Thursday the 15 of June. He was sentenced to 18 months and is in county jail as we speak I was wondering was his rights violated when he was refused a pd when he had no income at all and I've heard by people that when he finally gets processed into a prison that dwi gets knocked in half when u get to prison. Is this true. Just any information and help at all about his case I'd be very greatful . I myself am disabled and taking care of our two small kids now that this happened. Thank u
If he was just sentenced 3 days ago you must act fast. First thing tomorrow morning all a DWI defense attorneyexplain...
Can one not even have a falsely convicted dui misdemeanor hidden in Carteret County No. Carolina from 1983 ?
I have seen men convicted of murder get out in 7 years free as birds yet I am doomed to life in the prison in my decaying 1969 mobile home on my small property with out public transportation. I only get rides to my dr & sometimes to the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Otherwise I go months & years without meeting another human being. I am permanently trapped in a Prison of Glass. 14 years thus far. No friends left. They have died, moved on Etc. I was adopted my older people that died in 1980 & 1987. I have PTSD, anxiety & panic attacks. Depression is so awful knowing my life is over & has been many years. If only there was hope. Something to work towards these past 14 years so I might be free also just once more. Automobiles were my life, my work, my freedom & helped me cope with my PTSD. The worse part is I was not guilty of my first offense in Carteret Co. North Carolina. I was just left in my car after a friend did the deed & found by the law and have been paying for it with this life sentence. If only that DA there at that time would have let me plead NOT-Guilty, none of this situation i'm in would have happened. I had major problems & dealt with them with alcohol but not now
You had the ability-and the right- to plead not guilty to DWI. Had you done so, you still could have bern convicted....
I have DUI. Attempted arm robbery . Felony larceny and misdemeanor larceny. How long will I do in prison
A lot of bad stuff happend to me at one time n I got on drugs real bad dont even remember half the stuff I done I tried seeking help but needed money for rehab the hospitals kept sending me home now after doing 110 days in jail I'm sober got a good job and trying to fix this but I know I'm going away for my crimes I need advice
Unfortunately, with this limited description of the charges, it is difficult to estimate how much time in prison you...
How do I get an interlock waiver from one state to qualify in another?
I got a DWI in NC with a GA license in 2004. I have paid the fines and taken the classes and assessments in NC. I can get my old NC license reinstated by paying the fee, but GA has a block. I would have to move back to Ga, get interlock installed and monitored for 6 mos. or get a hardship waiver signed by the judge that presided. NC does not recognize that waiver as I was not required to have interlock device installed in NC. I am a disabled vet, and all my doctors appointments and specialty doctors are here in NC. Is there a special circumstance I fall under, as moving back to GA for 6 mos. is not an option.?
GA DDS has blocked you until you get an ignition interlock installed and monitored for 6 months. Why not check the...
What do I need to do to reinstate a Drivers license privlage in NC 11 years after an underage drinking charge when I was a minor
When I was 17 , I received an underage drinking charge while driving. I did not receive a DWI , however my license was revoked and suspended. It has been 11 years. I have come back to NC and went to get my license for here, and DMV states I am still suspended and can not receive my license. It requires me to show court documents, along with the DMV statement showing why it's suspended. These charges do not even show on my records when I requested them. I have no idea what to do now, or where to start. I was told i'd have to take some class about 16 hours, and pay a fee..but I had to produce those records, which are gone, I assume because it's been years and I was a minor? This is so confusing, it's keeping me from getting a decent job, and I have barely any savings , ughh
I suggest you personally go to the clerk's office at the courthouse where the juvenile matter was adjudicated and ask...
I have a Smart Start IID. I drank the night before, didn't eat and blew a failed test. Will the DMV revoke my license?
I had some wine after getting off work around 2am the night before. I woke up late for an eye appt at 8am the following morning. I did not eat. I thought nothing of the wine and hurried into my car. I blew and much to my utter surprise, I failed. I was so shocked, knowing I wasn't drinking that I didn't think and waited the five minutes and blew again. I failed again. I called smart start and was told I'd need to come in in four days. I am terrified of what happens next with the DMV. What are NC's laws on violations and how likely is it that I will have my license revoked for this?
The outcome will depend on a variety of factors. I've seen judges give verbal warnings while other judges have revoked...
I have dui in s.c. if I move to ga will I still have that dui restriction on my new ga license
I have a valid s.c. license but with a dui restriction
Yes. There is an interstate compact act whereby traffic offenses transfer from one state to another. You can't run...