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  • One arrested in Davidson park sex assault case

    Friday Jun 16 | via WBTV 

    Officials with the town of Davidson says police were called to a sexual assault and attempted rape at the park on Shearer Road. "We had to ask many park visitors, including mountain bikers and dog walkers, to leave Fisher Farm while we got the situation under control and began conducting our investigation," Davidson Police Chief Jeanne Miller said.


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DWLR impaired REVOCATION...I received DWI back 2009 and DWI 2001
Both cases were handle by lawyers which included fines,courts cost,community and evaluation and classes..However I did not complete evaluation and classes. Recently 2017 received ticket for DWLR IMPAIRED REVOCATION.. My current attorney says it will be as misdemeanor what consequences could I possibly be facing? I am trying to take evaluation and classes prior to court date.and ...restore license but I am not sure how many hours will be requested.I don't want to complete class and still have to face jail time and or another year suspension...
You have an attorney. This is a discussion you should be having with him. The more you have completed the better...
Will I be able to get a driver's license in NC after getting a letter stating I have a suspended license in TX due to a DWI?
I was convicted of a DWI in Texas a little over a year ago (offense happened in 2014). Going through mail, I got a letter saying my license was suspended due to not paying the $3,100 'DWI surcharge.' I'm moving to North Carolina in a couple of weeks. Will I be able to get a license when I move? Should I even be driving right now?
Sounds like you shouldn't be driving in TX. If you haven't paid your court costs, there might be an order for your...
Question about restricted licenses and dealing with an interlock?
I was arrested on DUI May 27, 2016 with a .15, I was convicted on May 5th, 2017. I had a great lawyer who fought hard for me and was able to have my BAC of .15 suppressed in court due to a good driving record, no probable cause of intoxication, and a completion of 30 hours of substance abuse counseling. I was given a Level 5 DUI, a fine, and 24 hours of community service.I was relieved because we thought I wouldn't need an interlock (important for my job) A week later I received a letter from the DMV stating that an interlock is required for a year due to a .15 BAC being recorded even though it was suppressed in court. Now, my question is this. My lawyer told me I'll need to drive on my normal restricted license for a year (6 am - 8pm with no interlock) and next year on May 5th, 2018 I'll need to get an interlock. I kind of want to get this over with if I absolutely have to get an interlock. Can I have it put on sooner and get credit for it? Is there a workaround an interlock? I've heard of ankle bracelets and I'd even do that. I hardly drink anyways nowadays and would love a real excuse to not drink at all for a year or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Great question! The interplay between the courts and the DMV when it comes to suppression of BAC and interlock can get...
I was convicted of a DUI. We won a motion to suppress my BAC in court and now I need an interlock???
Hello, I was arrested a year ago on a DUI charge where I blew a .15. A year later we had my final court date. My lawyer knew not having an interlock was extremely important to me due to my job. We argued the BAC of .15 in court on the grounds of no probable cause, non-callibrated breathalyzer, cooperation (which the officer agreed to). Eventually the DA said they didn't care and agreed as well as long as I plead guilty. I received a provisional license immediately and drove home from my court date with 24 hours community service, a $500 fine, and what I thought was a 1 year restricted drivers privledge. Now I just received a letter from the DMV saying I need to get an interlock device for a mandatory one year. I'm being told that even if I don't want to drive for years and take the bus I'll still need an interlock for one year if I ever want a normal driver's license again. Is there anything that can be done here? I feel baffled and surprised I was so thankful that I was shown mercy in court and now this is a huge slap in the face. Additionally, it will cost me my job as I have to drive to visit clients and drive them around for a living.
While the intoxineter redults may have been supressed all m court, the .15, along with your DWI conviction were...
In search of a exceptional lawyer for a federal drug case?
Having a hard time finding a great lawyer to defend me on federal drug charges.. My lock has been bad so far..
You can start your search here on AVVO. Meet with a couple of lawyers for a consultation and make a choice.
Can I still get my real estate license if I have a DUI on my record from 2012?
I am 27 years old, and I want to get my real estate license. Unfortunately I have a DUI on my record. I was 21 at the time of the incident. I didn't hurt anyone, but I did total my car. I completed everything to get my license back and have had my license back now for years with no issues. Maybe one traffic ticket or two since I got it back. I don't have any other criminal convictions on my record other than traffic. In my lifetime when I was younger, I was charged with other not serious non traffic related charges but they were all dropped. I also had a DUI when I was 20, but I received a PJC on it. I would like to get my license ASAP. Will this interfere? If so how? I would like to have as much detail on this as possible.
Contact the NC Real Estate Commission in Raleigh and just ask them if any of your prior offenses would prevent you from...
What can I be charged with for driving an un registered vehicle in Charlotte
Im driving a vehicle with expired tag and registration.
You can be charged with expired registration. If the tag is the correct tag for the vehicle, the tag and registration...