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Will a DUI still show up on my driving record if my case was dismissed and expunged?
I am trying to get a job in Washington State and was arrested and charged with DUI with Drugs in Oklahoma state; Stroud in Lincoln County to be specific. Meaning I was not intoxicated by alcohol but was with marijuana, I never even lost my license. I was arrested 5-28-14, sentenced to a year of deferred probation. My probation ended on 1-12-2015 and I was given an Order of Dissmissal and Expungement of Record on 1-30-2105. The employer I'm interested in will pull a MVR on me, and I'm not to sure if it is a nationwide record or a state record. In either case, what are the chances of my past dui showing up on those records? I know that these cases can be complicated and vary greatly, but mine seems to be pretty simple and just an average case where I completed all of the requirements and it was dismissed. Any help is much appreaceated! I'm not necessarily seeking legal advice, but just want to have an idea of what may or may not pop up on a state or nationwide MVR.
There are two types of expungement in Oklahoma, and the type you described only affects court records, not your...
My mom lost her husband to caner unexpectedly October 30th and while at the bank a few days ago a drunk driver hit her truck
The truck was totaled and her pets were inside. This was her husbands vehicle and all she had left of him. She about passed out when she came out of the bank to find her truck on its lid! She said she wished she had been in it. She has been thru hell. Her dog was injured also. Is she entitled to more than just blue book on the truck and vet bills? Im wondering about compensation for the mental distress she is under. So worried about her... just not fair what she's been thru. Thank you
If vehicle is totaled, fair market value, which is not the same as blue book, reimbursement of tag and tax on a pro...
Can I get a cdl with 2 dui cases on my record?
I was given a deferred sentence on the first dui. The second dui was in a municipal court and it was also deferred. I blew on the first and the second was a refusal. It will be 4 years in January since the most recent.
I believe multiple DWI convictions is a lifetime restriction of a CDL.
Wrongfully arrested for dui?
Last year I received a dui. This is what happened: I had came home around 7pm or so had dinner and had a couple beers. I went to sleep and woke up with two officers in my home. My gf at the time called them because she needed to get in the apt. Because she didn't have a key. But before the officers entered my apt. The next door neighbor told them that when she saw me coming home that I had a beer in my hand, in which I didn't. I don't know why she said that. And on top of that I don't even drink all that often. So the officers woke me up and said if I've been drinking and I said yes I had a couple beers with my dinner but didn't drive anywhere after I got home. The cops said ok. And left my apt. However 4 Months later I received an arrest warrant for my arrest because of a dui. My question is can I still fight this even after a year? I didn't appeal it before because I don't know the law well. However I do know that they failed to take a breatholyzer and read me my Miranda rights?
I'm not in your state. Nothing in your post says you've pled guilty, so you likely CAN still fight this. Miranda...
Can I win my dui case if I find the cop didn't have probable cause to pull me over?
I got a dui for going over a yellow line. I would love to see the tap if I actually did. This cop did an illegal u turn over double yellow lines to come after me just for leaving a bar. A week later he pulled my husband and his sober friend over after parking outside of city limits where the bar is. Did the same thing but said he didn't use his bunker but he really did. The cop first question was how much have you been drinking. Do you think I might be able to win this case?
If you know for certain that you did not move out of your lane of traffic, your attorney ( The one you need to hire...
I just got a citation for petty theft from walmart
I am currently on probation for a DUI. What would happen to me when my probation officer finds out?
I a sure this would violate your terms of probation. Pease retain an experienced criminal defense attorney asap to...
If I leave the state of Oklahoma, will they extradite me for petty larceny public drunk and failure to appear?
I am currently facing petty larceny, public drunk and if I don't go to court jan 3rd a failure to appear. If I leave the state, how likely is it that Oklahoma will extradite me back if I'm caught later on?
Simple answer, dont do that. Get an attorney and follow their advice.