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Last dui I had in Iowa was in 2011. I have a restricted drivers license with a breathalyzer in my car.
Due to the interstate compact, it is unlikely (read likely impossible) that you will be able to receive an unmodified...
I have 2 minor children (10 & 13) living with custodial parent (mother) in Illinois. My wife and I live in Iowa. Our court order is joint custody, thru the Iowa courts. I am granted 'liberal visitation'..every other weekend and wed afternoons. She did not inform me of her arrest and subseq charges. We have had many problems with information, education, medical etc relating to our children. Her current boyfriend and mother may assume responsibility for minor children in her absence. We've already had many problems w/ custody agreements (mostly through her obstruction) what would be the best way to assume custody? an emergency ex parti? or do we just not release them after she has been taken into custody by st of IL? I would like to have a permanent solution for the stability of the children
You have a lot of good arguments on your side. Best way to present them to the court that can make the orders you...
i want to be able to return to the country. I got an DUI but I don't have to go to court until mid april by two 2 courts are cover.
You may have an obligation to inform your parole officer of the arrest. This may effect your eligibility to travel at all.
I live in Iowa.(2009) I was pulled over and blew a .123 since it was my 1st offense it was deffered and in court I was told it would not appear on my record and I should not mention it to future employers. I recently applied to a company where I would need to be insured to drive. I was unable to get insured and I looked up my driving record, I saw that the owi was on there. How do I go about removing it?
The DUI is expunged from your criminal record, but the test failure and record of the conviction will remain on your...
then they put a warrant for my arrest and caught me when on my birthday may26 when i turned 21 and i sat in jail for three hours and bonded out and was scheduled to be in court at a certain day and my car broke down and so i missed court so what do you think they will do or what should i do about this situation?
You should hire an attorney to represent you.
I have just over 7 years sober now but Illinois has a law that 4 DUI's = Lifetime Revocation. I'm afraid I won't be able to renew my Iowa license when the time comes. Illinois attorneys have suggested that I have one reduced or expunged. I need to show Illinois that something has been done in a court of law. Is that even possible?
The dui needs to be reduced to something like reckless driving. OWI or some other name for DUI will not help. Good luck.
I have no prior convictions and my record is clean.
If you have a Wisconsin drivers license, then your driving privileges may be revoked if you Minnesota out-of-state...