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Is it better for a 17 year old to plead not guilty for underage drinking even though he was holding a beer and taking a sip?
At a concert my son was arrested for underage drinking. He admits to holding a beer and taking a sip. That is the same scene the officer told us. I understand PA is a zero tolerance state, but we are not sure if it's better to pay the fine and move on or plead not guilty and hope for leniency of. some sort.
Plead not guilty and hire an attorney. Its possible the charge could end up being dismissed.
What can I do in my situation? I called they said take it to the dealership they will pay? can I get more or suffering?
Well I had a ignition interlock device put in my car a year ago and yesterday It had been a full year so it was time to take it out. I went to Penn Dot got my license reinstated and then headed to Dauphin County Interlock Service Center to get it out. I work nights so the gentleman said i could drop it off, get some sleep and comeback to pick it up. Went and picked it up around 5 and there was a sensor that went off soon as I started it and said "CHECK CSV" or something similar to that. I own a 2007 Lexus GS. So I called right and and left a message. Went home got some sleep and went to work. Same sensor going off. Then all of the sudden my engine light and my break lights come up on the Dashboard. Im in the middle of the highway and tractors speeding by my car decided to shut off. My steering wheel locked and wasnt able to restart the car. I almost got hit from behind trying to drive my car while it was shutting off to the side. So I call the Center up and left a voicemail again. He got back to me but I was asleep the first time i called. But when I was going to work It was 11 30ish at night thats when the car shut off. I take good care and this nvr happend be4. I was late to wrk
Sounds to me like you are asking about a civil lawsuit and that this is not a DUI question. That said, "Can I sue...
I missed my DUI court hearing.
I missed my court case for my DUI. I went to my initial and this was where I could ask to go into the ARD program. I honestly made the mistake that it was for 2/2/2016. I made sure to ask off of work since I had the date. I just got home and started to put all my papers together to discover it was today. I couldn't afford an attorney so I have a public defender. I'm scared to death. I'm a single mom with a very sick child. I cannot go to jail. Obviously I'm going to call the public defenders office ASAP in the morning. What should I expect?
Please call the attorney ASAP and copy your records to show this was an honest mistake. Some public defenders stein...
What sentencing and charges will I be delt with if I got a marijuana dui and a alcohol dui 6 months apart in PA.
With the weed, I didn't even get pulled over for my driving, it was for tinted windows. They found only a gram of weed and no parafanelia. This charge is still pending, haven't had court yet. The alcohol charge I didn't get pulled over. I wrecked my car cause of the weather. I was fully cooperative both times. Also wondering how long will I lose my license? Am I a ARD recipient if I never been in any trouble except for these 2 incidents? Can they charge combine the 2 into 1 charge? Or bad idea
It sounds like despite your actions of the last few months your pretty well reasoned. Here is the problem with looking...
What's the verdict of a marijuana dui and a alcohol dui 6 months apart in PA
The marijuana dui I was caught with a gram of weed
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the verdict will be GUILTY.
What can be done about my dui charges?
I was recently involved in an at fault, non injury accident, accused if being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, and did a field sobriety test and breathalyzer. I was charged with a dui and taken to police station for blood testing. I received my court papers, and noticed some discrepancies. The two violations are 3802 D1i, and 3802 D1iii. Neither one of them are alcohol related even though it states in the contents my bac was .141. Also in the comments, it states my level of thc was .60ng/ml delta 9-thc. In the state of Pennsylvania, the threshold for level of thc admissible in court is 1ng/ml delta 9-thc. To me it sounds like these charges should be dropped. There was zero evidence found in the vehicle to support their claims of using marijuana.
Get local DUI/DWI counsel involved to see if these discrepancies are enough to exonerate you.
Should he be talking to a lawyer? I've read about 1st offenders and penalties but they mostly apply to a BAC and there was none.
My son was pulled over in PA. He is 18. The police officer smelled marijuana in the car and so he administered a breathalyzer which my son passed. They also took blood. However he did not pass the field sobriety test and so was issued a DUI. They did not give him a ticket though he was processed and fingerprinted. They told him his paperwork would be sent within 6 weeks and because his record was clean it might be expunged but I'm still worried. This just occurred two days ago.
Now is the time to talk to a lawyer. It sounds like he may be DUI marijuana which is a top tier DUI. Its very...