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How do I get my Drivers License back?
I was convicted of a dui in Reno, NV with a California Drivers License in 2013. I was living in Reno at the time and didn't get a Nevada License before the dui. I completed everything the court ordered me to for Nevada including a dui program. Now I left Reno and am Living and working in Death Valley, Ca. Im finding it hard to get my California Drivers License reinstated by the California dmv because I haven't completed the dui program in California. Is there a way to transfer my Program I took in Nevada to California? If not how am I expected to take a 3 month class when I cant drive to the nearest City to complete it?
It seems you already did the necessary investigation, you just don't like the results, unfortunately you will either...
Drivers license suspended, FTA's (3), Fines imposed, sent to collections. Is there a chance of arguing a settlement offer ?
3 fta's deferred to collection. License suspended until fines are paid. Can a settlement payment be arranged. Need license to be able to work...
Yes but you should go to court with a lawyer to deal with the FTAs. The court and DA will work with you to reduce the...
I was arrested for DUI Marijuana on January 2nd,2013. I took a blood test but have not yet been charged by the DA.What do i do?
I was pulled over for speeding . Officer smelled Marijuana ( passengers smoked ) and asked me to step out and performed Field Sobriety Tests . He arrested me under the suspicion of being under the influence and had a DRE test me two hours later . Then my blood test was taken 4 hours later and told me I would hear back from the DA in about a month whether I am being charged or not . I still haven't received anything and my arraignment date is in a week . I have not hired a lawyer yet because I figured there is no need until I am officially charged and also due to financial circumstances . What is the best thing I should do at this point ? Would it be okay to show up to court and plea not guilty without a lawyer present ? is there a chance my case might get dropped since the DA hasn't charged me ?
The officer was incorrect. The DA won't contact you again before the scheduled arraignment date, unless it is to...
I got a dui in nevada 9 years ago and calif just suspended my lic for 13352a1
On 10-9-02 i got a dui in Nevada I was and still am a resident of calif. I have a Commercial drivers lic My license came up for renewel and I could renew by mail because of my clean driveing record Well calif dmv sent me a suspendtion letter for that dui in 2002 the stated 13352a1.
If you had a CA license at the time of your NV DUI, CA should have suspended your license at the time of the DUI...
I got charged for a dui over a year ago but never went to court and recived aletter from the DA saying the were not charging me
so the da sent letter saying that the da's office has determined not to file formal charges agianst me at this time .please be aware we retain the right to file these charges at a later time if facts and circumstances warrant it . what does that mean ive email the da's office but got no response i want to get my license back but dont see why is was taken anyway what happen to innocent till proven guilty to get my license back i have to have a sr22 there telling me but i dont see why
With DUI’s in California you have to deal with two prosecuting agencies. The first one is the district attorney’s...
What should I do about my DUI?
I was driving from a friends house after having 2-3 drinks, there was a car behind me and once I realized it was a cop I had a feeling I was going to get pulled over because my licence plate tags were over due, I wasn't too worried since I had the day pass, I was right on the corner of my home and as I proceeded to go in my driveway the lights were put on, I finished driving my car into my driveway and was asked why I didn't stop, I got taken to jail and I did a breath test and came out to be .077 I spent the night there and went home with a DUI charge and for some reason a resist arrest, should I contest it?
Get an attorney- especially for Fresno! Day pass? You have only 10 days to deal with DMV from your arrest. Get an attorney!!
Dui Question ?
My bestfriend was involved in a hit in run this past weekend. He hit a parked car and was stopped by the police moments later. He had alot of beers and mixed drinks.He refused the sobriety test. They took him to jail and release him 18 hours later. He had 4 dui within the last 10 years. Whats the best and wrost case scenario ?
If he is truly your best friend, get them into rehab or at the very least daily AA meetings before he kills someone....