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I have not been convicted or sentenced for charges (DUI 3 rd) and I was released the next morning,how will this affect pending sentencing at my plea/sentencing hearing in June and I believe my release was a clerical error,but I was allowed to leave so I did. Can they come re-arrest me if the release was a clerical error and error is later discovered and do I have to sit in jail until my court date in June and how will the $8000.00 signature bond be handled? Can I request a separate hearing to deal with bond violation sooner than June date and would bond be offered again?
If the DA failed to arraign you within a timely manner, most DA will later arraign you at another date.
my husband had already completed his erp on his 5th DUI. Thank you in advance for your anwers
You should contact an experienced DUI attorney to help you through the process. With 6 offenses, the repercussions for...
he was in prison 7 years ago for his 5th DUI offense where he completed the ERP program.
A 6th offense DUI with a prison prior is an extremely serious crime. I'd contact a WI attorney immediately. Obviously...
In Wisconsin Is a 6th DUI offenders still eligible to avail any programs even if he had completed his ERP program on his 5th offense?
Technically, there is nothing prohibiting him from doing the ERP program a 2nd time. However, preference will likely...
My boyfriend's license was suspended in 2012 when he was sober and driving my car and I was intoxicated. He got locked out and went for help. When he came back, I was being arrested for DUI. He didn't stop at the scene but drove away because he also had a warrant. I'm wondering if he is called as a witness to testify that he was driving what would happen? Will a new driving after suspended traffic ticket cause problems with his current probation? His warrant is currently cleared. He was not on probation then but is now. 2012...no license and a warrant. I don't want the DUI but I also don't want it to cause new charges and problems with his probation. PLEASE HELP!!!
Admission to a traffic violation (driving on suspended license) occurring prior to being placed on probation should not...
The arresting township relinquished my case to the county circuit because it was thought to be 3rd Owi arrest, I was able to show the court in fact this was not the 3rd offense. The county circuit dismissed its case against me, now the arresting township is picking the case back up as 1st Owi.
Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for citations is two years.
I was under the limit at .070 but still received a citation for a dui in Waukesha County by the New Berlin Police Department. My question is can I get this dropped and if i dont and they count it as a 3rd can I have a ankle braclet in lie of jail time as Im the lone provider and care taker of my 12yr old son. I live in Walworth County
Technically, you can still be charged with DUI (OWI in Wisconsin) even though your alcohol content was below the legal...