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Can my mom still drive my car?
I got convicted of a 2nd dui and my license is being revoked effective on the 17th. My car is under my name and I read on the letter I recieved from SOS that I need to turn in my registration and license plates. Does this mean my mom cant drive my car? She hasher license and shes insured on my car. Am I able to just transfer the title to her. Im so confused on what to do.
Speak with the attorney who helped you with your 2nd DUI.
Court supervision for first DUI in 07. Just got another DUI in March. Is this my 2nd?
Is this new one considered my 2nd or first when dealing with jail and driving privileges? I got into a car accident and charged with DUI over .08. I am on felony probation and out on bond from a domestic. What are my chances of going to jail?
For criminal purposes, this is your second. Secretary of State considers you a first time for suspension purposes if...
Will court notify the other parent of charges?
I got a dui and my child was in the car. Besides a dui I got endangerment of a child. Never had a dui or any charges with endangerment. Will they tell the fatjer what happened or the charges? Haven't gone to court yet. We are not married or anything
No is the short answer. The court would not know who the father is or where to reach him. You also say you're not...
Can i ask for a second extension to pay my fine???
got a dui. did everything the court asked of me, only thing remaining is the 3000 fine. i asked for 1 extension already, i have court on friday, can i go and ask the courts for a 2nd extension???
You can ask, but you had better have a good reason. You need to show good faith. Do you have at least part of your...
Do I have to pay off my court fees before I get my license reinstated from a DUI?
I still have about $2200 in court fees from a DUI in 2011 in DuPage county. In 2013 I was pulled over DWLS for the 2nd time in Kane County. My case in Kane is closed with no fines, whereas I am still making payments for my DuPage case which is also closed. Will I need to pay off my fine fully before taking steps to get my license reinstated?
More than likely you will have to pay all of your fines before attempting to get your license back. Speak with a DUI...
Do I need another attorney for my second formal dui hearing?
I have a revoked license. At my first hearing, I was given a driving permit, not full reinstatement. 9 months is up, and I have my second hearing scheduled. I have the updated evaluation done, with nothing new or problems. Do I need to have another attorney, this time?
You would be well advised to hire counsel for your second formal hearing.
Is it true that .08 level can still get a conviction
I had .08 level that's not over the legal limit how can I get convicted
In Illinois operating or being in physical control of a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08 OR MORE is illegal. In other...