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I violated my probation twice I DuPage County and was charged with DUI and child endangerment. Haven't talked to probation yet
About a month ago I had a relapse. color was called the day I was in the hospital for detox. I called my PO right away and told what happened. She was very cool about and told me to make a plan and move on. Now I sadly ended up having another bad relapse. My Mom called the police who was actually really nice. I wasnt erate and cooperated with her by calling my sponsor who advised me to go to the hospital which I did. I again called my PO to tell her what happened. I'm being switched to a new o E as mine was promoted. And she also said the report went to their board. I know there is nothing I can do about what I did but does anyone have advice regarding what to expect and to bring in to show them how hard I'm trying? I don't want to go to jail. My doctor advised going back on the antibuse, start a bridge group which includes counseling. He also mentioned inpatient care after the 3 weeks. That is something I cant do. Thanks in advance
Let's assume they don't move to revoke your probation, whatever it is for (you don't tell us). Fresh charges of DUI...
Does a deaf person who gets arrested for a DUI Still have legal rights to an interpreter?
My mom was arrested for a DUI, she blew .111, received two traffic tickets, (no accident) and was taken to the station. She asked for an interpreter and was told by the cops she was not going to get one and that she needs to sign the tickets or they will take her to jail. They wrote some things down for her to understand but she prefers to use sign language to communicate. What are the steps she needs to take and was there injustice done to her?
You mom has a right to understand the nature of the charges, as well as the consequences of taking a test or refusing...
Can my mom still drive my car?
I got convicted of a 2nd dui and my license is being revoked effective on the 17th. My car is under my name and I read on the letter I recieved from SOS that I need to turn in my registration and license plates. Does this mean my mom cant drive my car? She hasher license and shes insured on my car. Am I able to just transfer the title to her. Im so confused on what to do.
Speak with the attorney who helped you with your 2nd DUI.
Court supervision for first DUI in 07. Just got another DUI in March. Is this my 2nd?
Is this new one considered my 2nd or first when dealing with jail and driving privileges? I got into a car accident and charged with DUI over .08. I am on felony probation and out on bond from a domestic. What are my chances of going to jail?
For criminal purposes, this is your second. Secretary of State considers you a first time for suspension purposes if...
Will court notify the other parent of charges?
I got a dui and my child was in the car. Besides a dui I got endangerment of a child. Never had a dui or any charges with endangerment. Will they tell the fatjer what happened or the charges? Haven't gone to court yet. We are not married or anything
No is the short answer. The court would not know who the father is or where to reach him. You also say you're not...
Can i ask for a second extension to pay my fine???
got a dui. did everything the court asked of me, only thing remaining is the 3000 fine. i asked for 1 extension already, i have court on friday, can i go and ask the courts for a 2nd extension???
You can ask, but you had better have a good reason. You need to show good faith. Do you have at least part of your...
Can I apply for Citizenship if I had court Supervision for a DUI (.17). No aggravating factors.
Three years ago I recieved court Supervision for a DUI. I own now a green card since I married an American citizen. Is it a good idea to apply or can I be rejected ? Can an immigration lawyer help in this issue ? Thanks
It will depend upon when the supervision ended. You must establish good moral character during the past three years....