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In DUI case's about the 10 year limit? is that from the date of the arrest or the date you were found guilty of the dui?
got new dui very close to 10 years after my first one.
10 years from the date you were convicted. Keep in mind even if you clear ten years the DA will make the judge aware...
Is it possible for a breathalyzer to read a .154 and exactly 15 mins later it to read a .126 could it really drop that fast?
got terminated from a job for suspicion of alcohol.almost 9 hours from my last drink, my employer sent me to a doctors office to get tested.machine appeared very old and im shocked of how high the reading was.
Absolutely yes. It is possible if the machine is not calibrated correctly or there is some form of mouth alcohol...
How much jail time will I serve if I get sentenced to a year in prison for 3rd DUI in ten years? I am trying to get into rehab
I am trying to get help but having a hard time getting into a rehab due to insurance...
I am a bit confused by your question. You were sentenced to prison, but you are asking how much time you will spend in...
I was charged with criminal mischief misdemeanor..but found out that my attorney is basically a d.u.I attorney. ..I let him repr
Represent me...but I don't think he did a good job..he didn't go over anything with me....showed up the day of and didn't even have basic correct facts of the case...I said I wanted to go up on stand and he actually got verbally abusive and told me to shut up and let him handle it....I am unhappy with his performance and treatment of me
What is your question? If you are unhappy with your attorney's work, then you could file a petition for ineffective...
When are the laws going to change about DUI M1 for purchasing a weapon?
DUI's in 1994 & 2004 and plead guilty to both. Received ARD for for one and second one M1. I cant buy or possess a weapon in PA but Ive been serving in the Army Reserves since 2006 as a Military Police officer carrying weapons. I train soldiers on all weapon systems but from this M1 in 2004 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania says I'm considered a felon because of the length of the sentence was over a year . Dont you see the irony on all this. I can go to Iraq and Afghanistan and receive a Bronze star but cant possess a weapon in PA. Any information would be greatly appreciate it on how to solve this problem quickly. I ve heard to go through the pardon process but that doesnt make sense when you look at my last 11 years since conviction.I thought after 10 years its removed from your record.
Your firearm prohibition is actually not based upon Pennsylvania law but is instead based under Federal law under 18 U....
What are the consequences of getting my fake id confiscated? Will I get a misdemeanor or a felony charge?
Last night I went to Morgans Pier and used a fake id to try and get in. Morgans Pier is a beer garden. Unfortunately, I got my fake confiscated. The bouncer used a flashlight to read my id (it was 10pm) and said "out" then didn't give my id back. Am I in huge trouble for this? Will the bouncer hand it over to the police and will I get charged for this? I already have a citation on my record for underage drinking from a little over a year ago but I plead not guilty and just got community service and alcohol classes. I'm not sure if this is still on my record but it happened right after I turned 18 and I did not get it expunged. Not sure if this will influence anything.
I really doubt the bouncer called the cops. They could, but it's not likely. You've already got two alcohol related...
Will the prosecutor verify my insurance for a DUI?
I had proof of insurance at the time of my arrest for a DUI involving an accident with no injuries. However I found out afterward my husband had not paid and the insurance had lapsed. Will they find this out and can they then charge me for that?
The MVD will find out generally the court will not.