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I've missed 3 test with Baldwin county color code in Baldwin county,Alabama
Was out of town with my company on a job and missed 3 test.I Broke down and finally told my boss I had to come home and why and he fired me!Am I going to go to jail when I report this time? Thank you
Not necessarily. It depends on several factors. Are you on color code for probation, PTI, or simply on bond for an...
How is it possible to have a urine test come back .082 when 3 (6 oz. approx.) glasses of wine were consumed bw 8 pm and 10 pm?
The urine test was conducted the next morning at 8:15 am. I may not have gone to the bathroom prior to the test since the night before when I was going to bed.
Urine testing for alcohol is inherently suspect. Although the Code of Alabama authorizes a urine test as evidence under...
If I have not plead into drug court an are on bond color code am I allowed to fail once
I ate a piece of candy with thc an will fail this next test is there any 1st tIme warning or is it jail
No, you are not "allowed" to fail a color code test. If the THC is detected in your urine, the most likely end-result...
If you are on an estrogen based birth control and are a diabetic, can your BAC results be inaccurate in a breathlayzer?
I was told my levels were at .14 and I weigh 210. I only had two watered down drinks in a two hour frame while drinking about 32 oz of water. I took my birth control right before I started drinking. I am trying to figure out if I was technically that impaired.
There is no relationship between taking a birth control prescription and breath testing for ethanol. Breath test...
What is a court referral report show case hearing? What am I facing since I'm on pretrial intervention and failed one drug test?
I been on pretrial intrevention for a year now and I have to take random drug screens cause of color code. I failed a test back in may and now I have a court date sept. 28th. What is fixing to happen? Do I need a attorney?
There are a number of possible consequences, ranging from entry of judgment and imposition of sentence to intermediate...
If I was not stopped because a violation during driving such as weaving improper lane change non use of turn signals and was giv
A flat bed truck was exiting a parking lot and did not make his turn wide enough and rolled over my bumper and finder then left. I never moved my car sometime later officers arrived and arrested me charging me with a dui. I was not in my car I had not been drinking I'm disabled and still failed a fst.
Well that does not mean the cops can not issue you a ticket for DUI, but it does sound as if you have some arguments...
I was charged with a DUI in Alabama. First offense. Will my licenses be suspended two 90 day periods?
Referring to the initial 90 day suspension notice which is up for me next month. I was later convicted in court of first offense DUI. Will I have to wait another 90 days for my suspension to end? Or will I be able to get my licenses after the Administration suspension is up?
I assume you had an attorney since you have already been to court. You need to consult with your attorney.