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How is it possible to have a urine test come back .082 when 3 (6 oz. approx.) glasses of wine were consumed bw 8 pm and 10 pm?
The urine test was conducted the next morning at 8:15 am. I may not have gone to the bathroom prior to the test since the night before when I was going to bed.
Urine testing for alcohol is inherently suspect. Although the Code of Alabama authorizes a urine test as evidence under...
What happens if you are on probation for drug charges and you violate it with a DUI?
I would have been off of probation in Feb of 2010, but was recently pulled over for speeding after leaving a Christmas party, and was arrested for a DUI. What am I looking at when it comes to what they can do to me?
Contact your attorney; your probation can be revoked until the end of your original sentence in February 2010. You may...
I was charged with a DUI in Alabama. First offense. Will my licenses be suspended two 90 day periods?
Referring to the initial 90 day suspension notice which is up for me next month. I was later convicted in court of first offense DUI. Will I have to wait another 90 days for my suspension to end? Or will I be able to get my licenses after the Administration suspension is up?
I assume you had an attorney since you have already been to court. You need to consult with your attorney.
I was arrested for public intoxication at Hangover Fest. I wasn't drunk. I was having a panic attack. What should I do?
I was at hangover fest with a friend. He got very drunk and was running around and the police arrested him.He had my phone and ID at the time and I went up to the police to try and get my stuff back from him. I have bad panic attacks and when they wouldn't let me get my stuff I panicked. I couldn't breath and I collapsed on the ground. They were asking me if I was drunk, telling me I could either go to jail or the hospital but I couldn't talk, couldn't do anything. They handcuffed and arrested me, no Breathalyzer. At the jail they did an EKG and told me my heart rate was elevated. They kept me overnight, fined me 500 dollars, gave me a Breathalyzer in the morning an d sent me home. Should I fight this? what are my chances? I had two beers earlier at the festival but I was not drunk
The only thing you can do.. fight the case. Call a local criminal defense attorney for a free consultation
When does a dui probation order expire if I have completed all of the conditions. Probation told me they "closed" the file
upon completion of all of the terms. Does it go into effect the date the order was signed or the date of my 1st probation visit?
Probation ends at the end of the probation period. You can complete all the terms of probation early, but that doesn't...
What can I do to get a recent pedestrian under influence citation taken off my record?
I am 17 and was walking down w beach blvd at night after drinking a couple beers. I was walking because I didn't want to get in the car with someone I assumed to be drinking. I was stopped by a police officer and admitted to having a couple of beers. I was brought to the police station and received a ticket for pedestrian under influence. This is the only ticket/citation I have ever received. The Statute number is 32-5a-221 What can I do to get this off of my record? Will this hurt future employments? Will I be eligible for a diversion program or be able to get this expunged? Would it be smart to hire an attorney and fight this or should I just pay the fine? Thanks.
Hire a local criminal defense attorney and try to keep it off your record for the rest of your life. You have to get...
Is a 32-5A-221 considered a DUI?
The citation also says under described "Pedestrian Under Influence." It was a drinking charge, would this be the same thing as public intoxication?
Probably, show your attorney the citation or criminal complaint. Being drunk in public is not enough for conviction in...