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Will or Can the court find out of the 1st DUI when the 2nd DUI was charged as a first time offense in a different city in CA ?
- I have an out of state ( not CA ) Drivers License and out of country citizen ( temp employment in US ) . - I have a 1st DUI from CA about 2 yrs . ago . I am on 3 yr probation . - I got a second DUI ( . 07 bac ) recently in another city in CA and was ticketed / charged . They did not mention the first case / incident while booking and so i did not mention it . - The officer told me at the end that there is a very , very low chance the judge will send it to court since the bac was < . 08 AND i am an out of state licensed driver and out of country citizen . - Will the courts find out about the first incident if i do the case in another city ? - What are my chances that the courts are not going to bother with my case , as the officer said ?
Yes they will find out. They can actually find out nationwide in a matter of a few seconds. A 0.07 is still within the...
CA DMV suspension is lifted, but still not convicted. What should I do now?
I was charged with my first DUI in November 2011. My license was suspended by the DMV, and the 4 month suspension ended last week. However, the court process has been extremely slow. I finally had my arraignment last month, where I requested a public defender, and my next court date is in 2 weeks. I still haven't taken any DUI classes. What should I do regarding my license? My DMV suspension form says I need to complete a DUI program before my license is returned. But I don't want to take any classes yet because I'm waiting to see my formal sentence (I think I have a chance of getting a wet reckless instead, meaning less classes). Is it possible that I just get my full license back from the DMV? Or can I still only apply for a restricted license?
The DMV is not correct... but you are. You've already served your four month suspension and are entitled to a full...
DUI from 9 years ago. What DUI related documents do I need to submit for US citizenship application?
I am trying to apply for US citizenship and have DUI record from 9 years ago (May 1999). Based on the application instruction, I need to get the copy of court sentence and proofs that I completed all the service and classes. I was able to get the certified court record but it does not show that I completed all the classes and services. Do I really need those proofs? If so then where should I get it? I called Dept. of Revenue but they couldn't find my record. Thanks for the advices in advance.
Another good resorce would be to contact the probation department. They should have made records of your completion of...
PV hearing May1 in Contra Costa County, CA for non completion of DUI prog and owe 1800 in fines What's going to happen to me?
Plead no contest to 1st and only DUI charge in May 2012 due to solo injury (myself) auto accident in April 2009. I was arrested with guns drawn in 2011 at a grocery store parking lot by 4+ sheriff cars and taken to Martinez on a 30,000 warrant that I didn't know existed as I was unaware of DUI charge in the first place. I was air lifted to John Muir from scene of accident and released 4 days later in a halo.My brakes failed and rear ended a semi truck. Never considered the possibility of DUI charge as alcohol wasn't a factor (in my mind) and I've no criminal history or behaviors that would of made me suspect. The 11/2 year prosecutorial delay, incorrect address info, improper legal rep, revocation of CDL and my disabilities have caused significant delays to this case.
They can jail you up to 6 months on a first DUI probation violation.
I'm trying to get my record expunged in a just got a dui..this is my second one, the first one was in 2008.
Can this stop me from expunging my record?
You will not be able to get an expungement while the DUI is pending and it will make it more difficult afterwards....
2 duis. work project for 1st, no hearing yet for 2nd. Should I go into rehab b4 or start dui class? Will I have to do jail time?
2 dui's in 2 different counties. plead no contest for first in sac county, was told to do work project & dui classes. Got a second dui in coco county by CHP, no hearing yet. Was advised by a friend to get into a halfway house before then so it looks better in court.
Being arrested firca second so soon after a first us nit good. Anthing you can do to put yourself in a better situation...
How can I prove my life was in danger resulting in a felony Hit and Run and DUI charge?
I was driving home one evening and came across a car parked perpendicular in the road, blocking both lanes of traffic. Myself and the other driver exchanged words through our cars, which resulted in me opening my car to scream louder; seat-belt still on, did not exit my car. At this time, the driver and two other passengers in the other car jumped out, one punched me with a closed fist, left side of face. I fled the scene for fear of my life and allegedly hit their car and a person. They then chased me, tailgating, for about two miles down a windy dark road, resulting in my totaling my car. They then fled the scene and the police showed up. Was arrested for DUI (.06 at station), and hit and run. How can I prove this case as I was alone when this happened and it's a he said/she said case?
That's quite a scary story. He said/she said cases are difficult to prove for both sides. That's a rather low BAC as...