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Third DUI
My ex is being charged with his third DUI in MA after getting into a car accident totalling the car and taken to the hospital. I dont understand why he never got arrested and his driver's license was never suspended. What can I do to inform authorities?
If your ex has been charged with an OUI, the "authorities" are already well aware of his actions. You should allow the...
I was arrested for driving suspended although eligible to get license after 180 day chemical refusal period was up. Jail time?
No previous record but have upcoming jury trial for dui. Now I have dui trial December 3 and pretrial for suspended license December 4.
So long as you were eligible to get your license back (i.e., your arrest occurred AFTER the 180 day suspension period),...
My daughter has a MA license, but goes to school in NC. She got a DUI in NC. Is her license still valid in MA?
And will her insurance (MA) increase as a result of this?
Upon completion of case she has 30 days to report to a RMV hearings officer a lot depends on whether she refused the...
You seemeed to have asked this question multiple times. Most states have DUI statutes that allow for convictions...
I was arrested for dui in Maryland about 15 yrs ago and was given a PBJ and completed probation with no problem.
I was recently arrested again for oui in massachusetts and havent been to court yet. I was wondering if the old dui would show up on my records for the court? What about the registry, would they be able to see this as well? I dont think the md registry even found out because I didnt recieve any points, fines, or insurance increase.
You can contact the registry of motor vehicles and get a copy of your driving record and your criminal record from the...
My daughter was seriously injured in an accident by a drunk driver. She was awarded a large settlement.
He was convicted and sentenced to jail. My question is does a Declaration of homestead which he had prior to the accident still protect his property for a judgment if he was convicted as a felon for his actions. Can the Declaration of Homestead be negated in this case.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news: the felony conviction has no effect on the validity of a prior-recorded...
If I get pulled over for a OUI, and immediately ask for an attorney.....how can they say I refused a breathalyzer?
If I get pulled over for a OUI, and immediately ask for an attorney.....and say I won't talk or do anything until I speak to an attorney...can they still continue to ask me questions and ask me to take a Breathalyzer. And then hold not taking one against me by taking me license, when all this occurred subsequent to me saying I wanted to speak to an attorney?
You do not have a right to counsel until you are formally placed under arrest (custodial questioning). And, if you...