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Where do i begin to find someone to defend me in Connecticut for a dwi and reckless driving .
Charged with DWI and reckless driving in Connecticut. Went out of state just for a black friday sale . I have a Rhode Island Medical Marijuana card and had stuff on me because a friend of mine who is also has his MMC came with us . That was the last time i smoked that night , my friend and my girlfriend took a couple hits before leaving the store to go home an hour away. I did not because i was driving . I was pulled over for going 20 over the speed limit on 395 on a straight away trying to get home, i didnt realize i was going that fast . Id like to get the reckless driving dropped to a speeding ticket seeing it was my first offence in Connecticut. As for the dwi , i didnt even smoke . I passed the sobriety test . I refused a drug test at the staion because inevitably its in my system , i have a medical card . I dont want that used against me. I told the officer i smoked over 2 hours before. After repeatedly asking me he said so when did you smoke , a half hour ago? Frazzled i responded yeah, wait no ! I said 2 hours ago ! He said got you on recording and arrested me . Ive been trying to better myself since i messed up at 18 and i was put on probation till im 30.
First of all I'm going to assume that you have completed your period of probation. If not you would be looking at a...
What would happen after I get a misdemeanor probation and DUI ,then getting caught with a suspended license?
If I have a probation for a misdemeanor for Breach Of Peace(6 Months Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 18 Month), Failure To Appear (1yr Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 18 months) and a DUI, what happens if I'm arrested for driving with a suspended license in the state of CT? Will I go to jail? If so when and how long?
It isn't good. If your probation is revoked, you could serve both of the suspended terms. Probation means you have...
How can I be charged with a refusal if I was taken to two PD and both machines did not read properly?
I took 4 test in total the breathalyzer read processing failed at both stations
The cops got angry and thought that you were not doing the test properly? That is usually how it happens in my experience.
Is it legal to have it installed in Ct they make them for motorcycle
I drive a motorcycle in Connecticut can I have a iid installed on it there are ones that can be installed on them but is it legal to do so in this state
The answer is yes . But you can call DMV drivers services at (860) 263-5720 and ask them any questions you may have
How long can they wait if they are going to charge me with dui?
got into an mva about a month ago, broke my leg and hand. received a ticket at time of accident for failing to maintain lane there was another passenger but they were not injured. only minor bruises and soreness. don't recall taking a breathalyzer and my blood was not taken, but told that my level of intoxication was above the legal limit... will I get charged with DUI? and how long can they wait to do? haven't receive any letters or any news. plead guilty on the ticket and mailed it in no court appearance was scheduled. went to dmv to remove car from registration as it was totaled, was not told anything about my license either. the crash was at around 4am and was spotted by someone passing by who then called 911. please help with answers
Each state has a statute of limitations on when charges have to be filed. In Washington the time limit for a normal...
Dui. First time. Do I need a lawyer. Fell asleep hit mailbox. No injuries. 21 years old.happened in Rhode Island live in ct
A DUI arrest is a serious incident and you would certainly benefit from a consulting with an attorney in Rhode Island.
I was issued a ticket for possession of alcohol by a minor, but was not drinking, I was only in the presence of it.
I paid the ticket, not knowing I would get my license suspended. I was not drinking, I was 17 at the time of the incident, I had no intention of driving, and I do not have a car on campus ( I am a college student) but was only in the presence of it (that is a new policy enforced by the campus police) and now I got my license suspended for 30 days. I looked up Chapter 961 Sec. 54-95b and it states I can reopen the case. My license has not been suspended yet but I have 2 and a half weeks until the date. Is there anyway I can appeal the case?
You are correct in that you can move to reopen the case and that is what you'll have to do. I've successfully handled...